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INTERVIEW/ Voices of alumni who are active in the industry

  • learned while studying abroad
    Have fun every day with your English skills
    I interact with children.

    Kinder Kids Co., Ltd./Nursery staff

    Ayane Mori San

    Graduation in 2022 / Kadoma Namihaya High School (Osaka Prefecture)

  • proudly and confidently
    We will guide you to a first-class space.

    The Ritz-Carlton Osaka/Doorperson

    Koji Osaka San

    Graduated in 2014 / Nissin High School (Osaka Prefecture)

  • Meeting with customers,
    Thank you to the people you work with
    I cherish it.

    J-AIR J-Air Co., Ltd. / Cabin attendant

    Tomoyo Takai San

    Graduated in 2013 / Kanaya High School (Shizuoka Prefecture)