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[Technical college connection class] Kobe Tokiwa Girls' High School x Osaka Hotel

The other day, students from Kobe Tokiwa Girls' High School who were interested in the tourism field came to tour our school.

When I toured the facility, I was impressed by the authentic training room! Cheers ♥️


In the trial class, Mr. Fujimoto, who used to work at Abeno Harukas Hotel, famous for being the tallest building in Japan, gave us a bell staff experience🔔

Although they were nervous, they enjoyed the class, which used the front desk just like the real thing!


It seems like this tour has made me feel more motivated about my future career.

I would be happy if I could give you some hint 😊


In addition to hotels, you can take classes on airlines, bridal, theme parks, travel, and railways, so please come visit us anytime 🎵

Thank you to everyone at Kobe Tokiwa Girls High School 🎩





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