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A former cabin attendant will answer frequently asked questions!

Hello! This is Miyoshi from the airline department✈

The rainy days continue, but how are you all doing?

Even if it's raining on the ground, when you get on a plane and go above the clouds,

You can completely forget about the rain ✨

I used to work for a foreign airline.CAI was working as a

Everyone asks me a lot today.CAI would like to share this and that ☺️

Please watch till the end if you like⭐️


Q: Can CAs rest on the plane?

This means1This is the most frequently asked question, and the answer isYES!

On long-haul international flights, we and the pilots take turns taking naps.

Hidden somewhere inside the plane is a sleeper-like bed called the “crew bank.”


Q: Is the training tough?

me tooYESis! Security workCAIt is the cornerstone of

In particular, the company I worked for had the longest training period anywhere.4in months,

I was able to learn a lot about service and security.

probably in life1I studied hard4I think it was a month 💪🏻


Q: Is it true that you can travel cheaply?

me tooYESis! I traveled to many places for less than half the price.🧳

Once a year, I was able to go to any country of my choice for free, although it was limited to destinations served by our company's flights.

Although it is not very popular, Kota Kinabalu is cheap and the sea is beautiful, so I recommend it!

There are many other things I would like to share.

I hope to talk to you again at the open campus! !


If you are interested in the aviation industry, please come and visit us 🎶

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