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Participated in the Osaka Marathon "Clean Up" Operation!!

Two days, February 2023th and 2th, 9
At the Osaka Theme Park Dance College, Osaka City will continue to promote this year as well as last year."Osaka Marathon 'Clean Up' Strategy"I participated in!


Since 2011, Osaka City has been collaborating with the Osaka Marathon to clean up the area all at once as part of efforts to create a clean and beautiful city.


This year, the “Osaka Marathon 2023 (11th Osaka Marathon)” will be held on Sunday, February 2023, 2. ” and carried out cleanup activities throughout the city of Osaka.


Based on that purpose, our school also carried out cleanup activities mainly in Nishi-ku, Osaka, where the school is located!


In the cold weather, the students who volunteered with tongs and garbage bags picked up litter.


Osaka Theme Park Dance College will continue to engage in activities that can contribute to the local community!




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