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Why is the Korean language learned in Korean language courses useful for studying abroad and international exchange?

What made you want to learn Korean?


Do you want to understand your favorite Korean drama more deeply?

Is it because you want to understand the words of Oshi?

Is it because you simply love Korea?


There are many reasons!

Recently, due to the popularity of K-POP and Korean dramas, the number of people who are interested in the Korean language and Korea itself has increased. There are many people who study purely for fun.


Of course, Korean is useful not only for your own hobbies but also for studying abroad and international exchange! By increasing your learning level, you may be able to utilize it in your work eventually...? !


This time, we will talk about why Korean is useful for studying abroad and international exchange.



Local communication becomes smoother!

It goes without saying that the more Korean you can speak/understand, the smoother your communication will be in daily life. If you can speak smoothly, you will be able to experience and understand Korean culture more deeply.

Also, when studying abroad, it is essential to interact not only with the people you meet at school, but also with the local people.

By studying hard and increasing the number of Korean words you can understand, you will be able to communicate more actively with local people, and you will be able to create a positive spiral of language learning that will improve your Korean.



There are many opportunities to meet Korean people even in Japan!

South Korea ranks third in number of tourists visiting Japan.

Because we are a neighboring country, there are many opportunities to meet Korean people even within Japan, such as Koreans who have come on vacation or who work for Japanese companies.

In such cases, if you can understand and speak Korean, communication will go smoothly.



Promote yourself and gain confidence!

Learning Korean will also help you improve your own skills.

Being able to speak Korean when studying abroad or doing business can also be a great way to promote yourself. Having a second language that you can speak and understand is a powerful asset in job hunting situations.


Furthermore, while studying abroad, you will be required to express yourself and communicate proactively, so you will hone not only your simple language skills but also your ability to express yourself and communicate.


By gaining confidence, you will be able to engage in international exchange without hesitation.


What did you think?

I started learning Korean as a hobby, but when I think that it might eventually be useful when studying abroad or finding a job, I put more effort into studying!

At Osaka Foreign Language, Hotel and Airline College, we value your motivation and enthusiasm! We will help you learn Korean and use it for your future. If you are even slightly interested, please feel free to request information or contact us!

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