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[Career path] Aiming for the hotel industry ~ Skills that can be honed at a vocational school | Miho Fujimoto

Here is some advice regarding skills for those who are thinking of aiming to become a ``hotelier/hotel person'' in the future!


In order to be successful as a hotel staff member, it is essential to have a spirit of hospitality and the skills to be considerate of others.


In this article, we will introduce the skills needed to shine at a hotel and how to hone them.



What are the essential skills to shine in a hotel?


“The spirit of hospitality,A feeling of caring for others


There are a wide variety of skills needed to succeed in the hotel industry, but the most important one is to have a sense of hospitality and consideration for others.


In order to ensure that our guests have a comfortable stay at our hotels, we require service that exceeds their expectations. Smiling, politeness, and good manners are the basics of basics. But that's not enough.


The most important thing is to be able to understand the other person's feelings and be considerate.



The best path to improve your skills ≒ Going to a vocational school


Success in the hotel industry requires not only theoretical but also practical skills. Going on to a vocational school can be said to be the best path.


At a vocational school, you can acquire the practical skills necessary for the hotel industry. Through practical classes and corporate training based on actual work, you can hone your skills as the ultimate hospitality professional.


Our school begins with hospitality and teaches a wide range of skills needed to succeed in the hotel industry, including communication, problem-solving, flexibility, and language skills.



Cherishing the spirit of hospitality


In order to shine in the hotel industry, a ``heart of hospitality'' is important.


When guests visit our hotel, we welcome them with a comfortable atmosphere and a warm smile. It is no exaggeration to say that a hotel's ``quality of service'' is determined by its ability to be considerate and considerate of its guests.


Also, if a customer has any problems, we will respond quickly and courteously to resolve them. These actions are directly linked to customer satisfaction, but it is necessary to have the flexibility and problem-solving ability to respond to these actions.


However, these skills cannot be acquired just by learning from textbooks and texts. Practical training at a vocational school is essential in order to adapt to actual work and situations.


Let's imagine real hotel situations and develop practical skills through role-playing and on-site training.



Take your first step to becoming a professional in the hotel industry at a vocational school

For high school students aiming to enter the hotel industry, the key to success is a spirit of hospitality and the ability to take action to consider others.


The best way to acquire these skills and further refine them is to attend a vocational school. Learning at a vocational school allows you to not only study through textbooks, but also acquire practical skills, which will greatly contribute to your future success in the hotel industry.


Have the courage to take a step towards your dreams and make the most of what you learn at the vocational school!

Person who wrote this article

Miho Fujimoto

Lecturer of Hotel Department

5th year as a lecturer. She graduated from Mukogawa Women's University. She is from Osaka Marriott Miyako Hotel.My motto is, ``As a senior in the industry, I will give you strict and kind guidance and watch over you warmly.''


The classes I teach are hotel-related subjects/accommodation department (front operations, guest relations practice), industry English conversation, etc.TOEICResponsible for English subjects and study abroad in Seattle.

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