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2023 Hotel Manners Training | Teacher's Blog

Hello everyone!

My name is Fujimoto from Osaka Foreign Language, Hotel and Airline College.


9As we enter the month and the summer heat still lingers, how are you all spending your time?

During the cool hours of the night, I

Going for a walk to Osaka Castle has become my daily routine these days.^^*


Well, the other day, all the hotel science students were looking forward to...

"Hotel Manners Training" was held! !


"Hotel Manners Training" is a hotel department course.1It is one of the main events of the year.


4Students who entered in February learned the basics of the hotel industry in the first semester.

In this hotel etiquette training, you can learn from both a guest's perspective and a hotel person's perspective at an actual hotel.

We conducted training to experience various things!


Please take a look at the training process! 

In addition to hands-on training, we will also hear valuable information from hotels.

Alumni also share stories that students can learn from, such as the appeal and reward of hotels.

I was able to ask a lot of questions.


And above all, I was really happy to be able to meet my alumni for the first time in a long time.


Enable current students to be active in the field just like their seniors.

I hope you value learning at school and absorb a variety of things through practical training and part-time work!


We would like to thank everyone at the hotel for their cooperation.






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