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2024 Food and Beverage Skills Contest Winners Announced | HRS Service Contest

2024Years2Month15Day(Thu)The ``3rd18Times HRSservice competition 2024We held an in-school beverage skills contest that also served as a selection of contestants.2023Years9Month8Held on Sunday (Friday).



Bar category: 6 people / Restaurant category: XNUMX people8The finalists competed.



Contest winners


[Bar section]

  • Grand Prix: Miyabi Goto (Daytime Hotel Department)
  • Second Grand Prix: Hinata Maekawa (Daytime Hotel Department)


[Restaurant section]

  • Grand Prix: Minami Inoue (Daytime Hotel Department)
  • Second Grand Prix: Kazuka Hosokawa (Daytime Overseas Career Department)



HRSWhat is a service competition?


This is a competition that evaluates not only the food, but also the customer service skills needed to ensure customer satisfaction during restaurant service.


Ranked high in the school contest and passed the HRS Restaurant Service Skills Test (national qualification), 1school2Recommended candidates from all over the country gather to compete in written and practical exams.


In the practical test, participants will be judged on cutting oranges and kiwis and making cocktails, and the winners will receive the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Award.



20232018 College Division Bravery Award Winner


Last year'sHRSservice competition2023In the College Division, graduate student Mizuki Matsumoto won the Fighting Spirit Award.


Osaka College of Foreign Languages, Hotels and Airlines produced students who participated in the national competition for the first time and won 4th place in the last competition.

This year as well, we will continue to work hard together with our students and instructors, aiming to participate in the national competition and win a prize.



If you want to acquire restaurant service skills


In order to acquire the skills and graceful demeanor appropriate for working in a top-class hotel/restaurant service, it is necessary to learn from a professional instructor.


"Osaka Foreign Language, Hotel and Airline College" covers everything from basic practical work to advanced skills such as table setting, handling of cutlery (knives, forks, spoons, etc.) and glassware, uncorking wine, plate decoration, etc. You can learn from ``.


If you are interested in working in the tourism and service industry through hotel and restaurant services, we look forward to seeing you at our school.





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