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A must-see for anyone who wants to try K-POP dance! Introducing dance courses!

K-POP is a genre of music that was called ``Korean pops'' in the late 1980s. Refers to the popular music of the Republic of Korea. Around the same time, Japanese popular music began to be called "J-POP," and from the late 1990s it began to be called to distinguish it from K-POP.


One of the charms of K-POP is dance. This time, we would like to take a closer look at the charm of K-POP dance.



What is K-POP dance?

The male group in particular combines hip-hop dance with other genres to express a unique worldview. K-POP dance is more than just hip-hop dance. With the addition of unique Korean elements, it is characterized by emotional yet sharp dancing.


She is also characterized by her high basic physical strength and dance skills, which she has developed through years of training as a trainee. Even though some groups have more than 10 members, they overwhelm the audience with their extremely high synchronization rate.


The sight of K-Pop idols training every day for their performances is another attractive point for fans.


It's not just about dance skills! Emotional expressiveness

In addition, K-POP dance often follows the lyrics and melody, so the expressiveness of the dance is also important. Recently, genres such as street dance and contemporary dance have also been incorporated.



It's already a work of art. A well-crafted MV

You can also see spectacular performances that incorporate dance in video works such as MVs (music videos). The concept changes according to each song and album, and the MV, which incorporates the group's unique worldview, is a work of art.


This kind of expressiveness and direction has been widely praised overseas, and bands such as BIGBANG and BTS (Bangtan Boys) are also very popular in Western countries.



Changes in K-POP dance

In recent years, the evolution of K-POP dance has also attracted attention.

In the past, cute dances were the mainstream, but recently, more powerful and cool dances are in demand. In addition, they have started to put more effort into the dancing of female idols, and now they are able to perform dances that attract not only men but also women.



K-POP dance is a part of Korean pop culture and is loved all over the world. In Japan, many K-POP idol groups are active, and the number of people who enjoy K-POP dance is increasing. Through K-POP dance, you may become interested in Korean culture and history.



Osaka Foreign Language, Hotel and Airline College also incorporates K-POP dance classes into their curriculum! If you enroll in the Korean language department, you will be able to sing and dance K-POP in class.



Above, we talked about the overview, types, and recent changes of K-POP dance under the theme of "Getting closer to the charm of K-POP dance!" Why not enjoy a new world through K-POP dance?

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