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[Career path] The fun of being a bartender & the customers you can meet | Masa Kashiwagi

There are approximately 50 different types of hotel jobs.


When you think, ``I want to work in the hotel industry,'' you often think of the typical front desk staff or bell staff. However, in order to welcome guests from all over the world, a large number of staff from each department work together to determine the status of the hotel.


In this article, I will introduce the charms of bartending and the work content that I have experienced.



Qualifications and conditions to become a bartender


Although bartenders do not need any academic background or qualifications, an increasing number of staff at luxury hotels are aiming for the ``HBA Hotel Bartender'' qualification.


This is a qualification to acquire specialized skills in the hotel industry, and is especially important when working in a hotel bar. Bartenders are required to have extensive interaction with customers and have a high level of knowledge about wine and ingredients.


As a professional, you need to have more knowledge than your customers, and it is important to be familiar with various topics in the world.


To succeed as a bartender, it is essential to learn and improve your skills every day.



What kind of customers come?


Hotel bars tend to attract corporate executives and wealthy clients, and prices tend to be higher than in downtown establishments.


As a bartender at a luxury hotel in Osaka, I was often visited by talented artists and actors. Famous people would come alone late at night to relieve the fatigue of everyday life with a drink. The conversations I had with them mainly consisted of alcohol suggestions and light chats, giving the atmosphere a relaxed atmosphere that gave me the feeling of being a celebrity.


Serving customers with the main characters was a special experience, and the daily business activities were filled with rich stories.



What's the appeal of being a bartender?


The appeal of being a bartender is that you get to meet famous people and famous people that you wouldn't normally meet.


Dialogue with them is calm and open-minded, and they are not commanding, but also have the ability to listen. Seeing that attitude made me realize that this is what I want to become as an adult, and that's what I set as my goal.


In addition, each type of alcoholic beverage we handle has its own history and story, and by knowing this, you can broaden your range of customer service and deepen your knowledge. For example, whiskey produced near the mountains has a rich wood aroma, while whiskey distilled near the sea has a salt aroma.


The unique characteristics of various alcoholic beverages, including whisky, are interesting and will satisfy your inquisitive spirit.



A rewarding job = hotelier


Hoteliers don't just serve customers, they are constantly learning knowledge tailored to customers and techniques to impress them.


When you watch movies and dramas about hotels like Masquerade Hotel, you notice how cool the hoteliers are, how they carry themselves, and how well they speak English.


This is a very rewarding job that welcomes customers from all over the world. Would you like to aim for it together?

Person who wrote this article

Sho Kashiwagi

Chief Instructor/Guest Relations Officer

Been a lecturer for 19 years. After graduating from Jiyugaoka Sanno Junior College, he joined Kintetsu/Miyako Hotels.13Worked for 7. Worked at the front desk for 6 years and as a bartender for XNUMX years. After that, he worked at the Kobe Kitano Hotel before joining our school as a full-time instructor.


Classes taught include business presentations, hotel/bridalな ど.

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