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[Employment] People who want to become ground staff|Yuna Furumura

What kind of person is suitable for "Grand Staff"?


While there is an image that working at an airport is a glamorous job, there may also be an image of it being tough, requiring both physical and mental toughness.


In this article, I would like to talk from the perspective of ``What kind of person would you like to become a ground staff member from the viewpoint of current ground staff members?''



Someone who can treat others like family


There are a variety of customers at the airport, and our ground staff guides over 1 customers a day.


When you're on the train, walking down the street, or shopping. When you see someone in trouble, are you able to naturally call out to them?


It takes courage to talk to someone you don't know. But what if that person is your own family?


I believe that people who are able to treat each customer as if they are family members and who are able to care about each customer on a daily basis are the right people for this job.



A person who is confident in their physical strength


In the work of ground staff, the most important thing next to hospitality is physical strength!


In the morning at Itami Airport where I worked.5 : 45Work begins from. On the early shift day4 : 30I woke up at5 : 30It's a normal day for me to arrive at the airport and change into my uniform.


While working20If you are carrying luggage that weighs more than 100 kg, or if you arrive at the last minute, we will run with you to the boarding gate. There have been times when Grand Staff's heels have come off during a fierce dash.


Physical strength is absolutely necessary to get up early every day, to carry over 20 kg of luggage, to run with customers, and to ``enjoy your work''.



someone who has the ability to notice


``Be a person who notices,'' is what my boss told me when I joined the company.


Suppose there is trash on the side of the road. One person found the trash and threw it in the trash can. One person found the trash but turned a blind eye. One person didn't notice the trash and just walked right past it. Who is the worst?


I think most people would answer that it was someone who turned a blind eye. However, my boss replied, ``It was someone who just passed by without noticing.''


The aviation industry is concerned with safety. Awareness is important in order to stay safe. Even small things can lead to big accidents if you are not aware of them.




Consideration, physical strength, awareness


We would like people who have the ability to be considerate, the physical strength to work hard, and the ability to be aware to take on the challenge of becoming a ground staff member.


It's a skill that can be honed as you go about your daily life, so please try to acquire it little by little consciously!


I think this is a job that will be your ``vocation'' for those who are qualified! Why not try our best together?

Person who wrote this article

Yuna Komura

Airline Department Full-time Lecturer/Ground Staff

Graduated from Kyoto Sangyo University. Co., Ltd.JALCurrently joining Sky Osaka5year.2023He has been seconded to our school as an active ground staff lecturer since 2017.

The classes I teach include ground staff practice and airlines in general. More than just a teacher, I will serve as a ``senior in the industry'' and convey the real voice that the industry is looking for.




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