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Encountering beautiful scenery that moved me during my trip to Korea

Hello everyone!


This time, I would like to talk about the beautiful scenery and encounters that moved me during my trip to Korea.

I recently went on a trip to Korea. It was my first trip to Korea, and I was impressed by the scenery I saw and the people I met!

Among them, I would like to introduce some that were particularly impressive.


[1] N Seoul Tower

N Seoul Tower, built on the top of Namsan Mountain, is 236 meters high and is a landmark of Seoul. The observatory is located on top of Namsan Mountain at an altitude of 243m, so the height of the tower is 479m, offering a panoramic view of the capital city of Seoul.


The night view is so beautiful and moving! There are also many cafes and souvenir shops around the tower.


[2] Insadong (인사동 / Insadong)

Insadong is an art street lined with traditional craft galleries. It is lined with a variety of shops, including not only antique shops and souvenir shops, but also galleries displaying artwork by contemporary artists and traditional teahouses, so you can have a variety of experiences.


Insa-dong was originally an area where aristocrats and bureaucrats lived during the dynasty era. Today, it has a unique landscape with both modern buildings and hanok (traditional Korean houses).


You can take some really beautiful photos in this nostalgic town where the Korean atmosphere still remains!


[3] People I met in Korea

Many Korean people were very kind and warm-hearted, and they were kind to me. Even when I was lost in the city or on the subway, there were people who kindly gave me advice using translation on their smartphones and gestures. I remember being so happy that even though we didn't speak the same language, everyone actively tried to help us!


Above, I have introduced the beautiful scenery and encounters that moved me during my trip to Korea.

I would be happy if you would also be interested in Korean culture and history.

Please consider traveling to Korea!

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Admission consultation advisor

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