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What are the characteristics of Japanese people that Koreans like?


This time's theme is "What are the characteristics of Japanese people that Koreans like?"


We Japanese and Koreans actually have very similar cultures and values! This time, I would like to introduce the characteristics of Japanese people that Koreans like and talk about the background behind them.




In Korea, it is very important to show respect to your elders and superiors. Meanwhile, Koreans also have a very favorable impression of the politeness of Japanese people. For example, you can feel that the Japanese people's actions and language, such as greetings, bowing, and being humble, show respect.



I like cleanliness

Koreans have a very high sense of beauty, and the city is full of beautiful buildings, fashion, and beauty products. However, there are many people who sympathize with the Japanese people's love for cleanliness. For example, the Japanese aesthetic sense is attracting attention in Korea, such as valuing the beauty of the environment, not throwing trash in public places, and being mindful of body odor and bad breath when walking around town.



Food culture:

For Koreans, eating delicious food can be said to be one of their reasons for living. However, many people feel sympathy for Japan's food culture. For example, Koreans are also very interested in Japanese food culture, such as dishes that make use of delicious ingredients and dishes that value the sense of season.



Above, I have introduced the characteristics of Japanese people that Koreans like.

Although it is true that Koreans and Japanese have language and cultural barriers, they also have many things in common. For both peoples, whose cultures place importance on respecting and caring for each other, being interested in and empathizing with the other person's characteristics and culture is the first step to deepening mutual understanding.


Person who wrote this article

Professor Mika Yoshida

Admission consultation advisor

Worked as a dress coordinator at Best Anniversary Co., Ltd. for 4 years. Pursuing professional hospitality that warms people's hearts, he has produced coordination for over 300 groups.
Currently, she is working hard every day as a career advisor in the public relations office, with the motto of ``be bright, fun, and energetic,'' helping many high school students and people who are worried about their career paths find their dreams.

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