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Learn the beauty methods of K-POP idols!

Korean K-POP idols are very passionate about beauty. Incorporating the latest beauty trends, you will always look beautiful. This time, let's introduce the beauty methods practiced by K-POP idols!


Aesthetic medicine / Cosmetic dermatology

The number one beauty method is to go to a cosmetic dermatologist!

In Korea, there are many high-quality and reasonably priced cosmetic dermatology clinics. Idols maintain beautiful skin by receiving treatments and care tailored to their skin type.


I also visit a cosmetic medical clinic in Myeong-dong. Myeong-dong is known as the center of Korea's cutting-edge beauty medicine. Idols sometimes undergo cosmetic treatment to achieve their ideal beauty, such as facial contours and noses.



Skin care/cosmetics

K-POP idols are also very particular about their cosmetics. There are many beauty cosmetics brands in Korea. Korean cosmetic brands such as "ETUDE HOUSE," "CLIO," and "TIRTIR" are especially popular in Japan. K-POP idols maintain beautiful skin by using cosmetics that suit their skin type.



diet and exercise

Of course, I also pay attention to my diet and exercise. Idols maintain a healthy body by actively consuming vegetables and fruits and exercising regularly.


It is said that idols consume about 1g of vegetables per day.

This is almost double the amount of Japanese people! That's a huge amount.

Fermented foods are also said to be good for the body, so she often eats kimchi!


For a while, "LE SSERAFIM members' abs" was popular on SNS. Not only LE SSERAFIM but many other idols do muscle training every day. Thanks to that, you can build those beautiful abs.



Above, we introduced the beauty methods practiced by K-POP idols.

Even in Japan, more and more people are adopting Korean beauty methods to become more beautiful and glowing. Why not give it a try? I would be happy if you were also interested in Korean culture and history.

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