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Be fascinated by Korea's unique culture!

South Korea is a fascinating country with a diverse history and culture from ancient times to modern times.

South Korea is home to delicious food, historical heritage, modern cities, and a unique culture. This time, I would like to introduce the charm and characteristics of Korea's unique culture.


Korean traditional performing arts

Korea has traditional music and dance. Typical examples include ``Taiko Drum Dance'' and ``Buchechum (Fan Dance).'' These traditional performing arts have unique Korean rhythms and choreography that captivate audiences.



korean calligraphy

Korea has its own calligraphy culture. Calligraphy is an art that expresses Korean culture and spirit by beautifully writing characters such as Chinese characters and Hangul. Although Korean calligraphy has been influenced by China, it has developed independently.



Korean Buddhist culture

Buddhist culture is deeply rooted in Korea.

There are many temples in South Korea, and the most representative one is in Seoul."Jogyesa Temple"is. Jogyesa Temple is the largest Buddhist temple in Korea and houses many national treasures and important cultural properties.


Also, there are many Buddhist events in Korea. Among them, the most representative ones are“Lantern Festival”is. During this festival, many colorful lanterns float up, creating a beautiful sight.



Korean traditional folk costume

Korean national costume"Hanbok"It's called. Hanbok is a traditional costume worn by both men and women, and is characterized by its colorful fabrics and unique designs. In South Korea, all ethnic costumes are broadly called hanbok, including the women's hanbok ``chimajeogori'' and the men's hanbok ``pajijeogori.''


Chimajeogori has a colorful and gorgeous impression, while Pajijeogori has an upper and lower design, and often has vertical stripes.



Korean food culture

In recent years, thanks to the popularity of K-POP and Korean culture, it has become possible to enjoy a variety of Korean dishes in Japan. The number of Korean specialty restaurants is increasing, and there are many foods that are familiar to Japanese people. For example, kimchi, bibimbap, and bulgogi are representative Korean dishes, but they have also become so familiar to Japanese culture that they can even be found on Japanese family tables.



korean pop culture

K-POP, needless to be explained, is music that originated in South Korea. Recently, many K-Pop artists have appeared on Japanese singing and variety shows, and many of you may have seen them.


In recent years, many Korean dramas have begun to be distributed through various subscription services, and they have become an increasingly familiar part of our culture. Last year, ``Roppongi Class'', a Japanese remake of ``Itaewon Class'', was produced and broadcast, making it a very popular pop culture in Japan.




Above, we introduced Korea's unique culture.

Korea has a diverse culture from ancient times to modern times, and its uniqueness is attractive. There are many fascinating cultures such as traditional performing arts, calligraphy, Buddhist culture, traditional costumes and food culture, and recently pop culture.




At Osaka Foreign Language, Hotel and Airline College, our educational programs include not only language, but also Korean culture, manners, traditions, and applied knowledge. This will enable you to learn to a level where you can immediately work in a business setting.


Additionally, the school is located in the center of Osaka, making it the perfect environment to learn Korean. If you are interested, please come to OC.

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