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Fascinated by Korean fashion and makeup!


This time, we will introduce the charm of "Korean fashion and makeup".

Korean fashion and makeup have been attracting attention for several years, especially among the younger generation in Japan. Particularly due to the popularity of K-Pop idol groups, more and more people, both men and women, are imitating Korean fashion and makeup!


So this time, we will introduce the characteristics of Korean fashion and makeup and the reasons why they are so popular!



Characteristics of Korean fashion

In South Korea, a wide range of fashion styles are trending, from feminine and cute fashion to casual and baggy street fashion.


Use of pop colors

In Korea, there is a slightly different sense of color than in Japan.

In Japan, items with simple and basic colors are popular, but in Korea, you can often see items with bright colors.



Korean women skillfully wear oversized items, creating both a cute and casual look.


Another trend is to match oversized clothes with clothes with a slightly tighter silhouette. For example, when wearing a knit with a big silhouette, the Korean style is to make the bottoms tighter and more compact by pairing them with tight jeans.


Novel accessories/use of accessories

Korean fashion is also characterized by its skillful use of small items and accessories. Recently, Y2K fashion has been attracting attention in Korea, and in addition to the arm warmers that were popular last year, leg warmers are also popular.


K-POP idols are wearing these accessories very stylishly and cutely on stage and in their MV costumes!



korean makeup

A while ago, ``Ulzzang makeup'' that used thick eyeliner, dark eyeshadow, and lipstick was popular!


Lately, makeup that is layered with low-saturation eyeshadow to add shine to areas such as glitter or stones has been attracting attention. The makeup of K-Pop idols such as TWICE, LE SSERAFIM, and Newjeans has had a huge influence, and everyone is imitating them.


Collaboration videos in which famous Korean hair and makeup teachers apply makeup to Japanese Youtubers are also becoming popular.


Also, one of the important points in Korean makeup is to achieve a clear and glossy skin. Instead of the powdery shine caused by highlights, it is now trendy to create a dewy glow that makes your skin look fresh and glowing from within.




This time we introduced Korean makeup and fashion.

Recently, there are an increasing number of schools in Japan where you can learn Korean. By learning Korean, you will not only be able to experience Korean culture, but you will also be able to study abroad in Korea in the future. By studying abroad, you can gain a deeper understanding of Korean fashion, makeup, and Korean culture.


A new Korean language department has been established here at Osaka Foreign Language, Hotel and Airline College! You can learn Korean language and culture, and even study abroad in Korea!

If you are interested, please take a look at our other blogs and department pages!

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