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The number of Korean tourists visiting Japan is increasing! Why is Korean required to study at Osaka Foreign Language, Hotel and Airline College?


Recently, travel restrictions due to the coronavirus have been eased little by little, making it easier to travel abroad than before!

Many foreign tourists have been visiting Japan since before the coronavirus pandemic, but recently the number of Korean tourists has increased significantly.

The main reason for the increase seems to be that the continued depreciation of the yen since last year has made it cheaper and easier to travel from South Korea to Japan. Additionally, relations between Japan and South Korea have been improving recently, and this may have had an impact. Due to these factors, the number of Korean tourists visiting Japan is increasing year by year, and the number is expected to continue increasing in the future.


Korean tourists often stay at tourist destinations in Japan for a relatively short period of time, so they may feel inconvenienced if they cannot speak Japanese at the level of simple conversation.


As inbound tourism shows signs of revival, there is an increasing demand for human resources with business-level Korean skills. Human resources who can communicate smoothly with tourists are valuable.

Also, when Korean tourists visit Japan, some people say that it would be helpful if there were signboards and pamphlets with information in Korean, so learning Korean is very useful.

At Osaka Foreign Language, Hotel and Airline College, you can learn foreign languages ​​including Korean. The school also has a more practical curriculum and is known as a school that is strong for employment. For those who want to learn Korean, Osaka Foreign Language, Hotel and Airline College is a good option.


If you want to reaffirm the importance of learning Korean, why not enroll at Osaka Foreign Language, Hotel and Airline College and learn Korean?

In the future, you may be able to become a person who can act as a bridge between Japan and Korea.

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Professor Mika Yoshida

Admission consultation advisor

Worked as a dress coordinator at Best Anniversary Co., Ltd. for 4 years. Pursuing professional hospitality that warms people's hearts, he has produced coordination for over 300 groups.
Currently, she is working hard every day as a career advisor in the public relations office, with the motto of ``be bright, fun, and energetic,'' helping many high school students and people who are worried about their career paths find their dreams.

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