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Learning Korean will expand your future options.

Learning Korean will expand your future options.

Importance of Korean

Korean is a language that has become increasingly important as globalization progresses in recent years. Korea is a neighboring country of Japan, and there are active exchanges in various fields such as business, tourism, and culture. Additionally, Korean pop culture such as K-POP and K-dramas is gaining popularity around the world. For these reasons, learning Korean will increase your chances of success in various fields.

Benefits of learning Korean

Learning Korean has the following benefits:

  1. Communication with Korean people will become smoother, making it easier to build business and friendship relationships.
  2. Having Korean language skills will give you an advantage in finding employment or changing jobs at international or Korean companies.
  3. You will deepen your understanding of Korean culture and enjoy it more while traveling and studying abroad.

H2: How to learn Korean

There are several ways to learn Korean.

How to learn on your own

You can learn Korean at your own pace using study materials and the internet. However, practicing pronunciation and conversation can be difficult when studying on your own.

How to study at a language school

At language schools in Japan, you can learn Korean from professional instructors. You'll be able to study with other students in class, so you'll get plenty of conversation practice.

How to study abroad

The most effective way is to study abroad in Korea and learn Korean there. Through living there, you can learn not only everyday conversations but also the culture and customs.

The appeal of Osaka Foreign Language, Hotel and Airline College

Osaka Foreign Language, Hotel and Airline College provides the perfect environment for learning Korean. We will introduce its charm below.

 Virtually free study abroad in Korea

One of the features of Osaka Foreign Language, Hotel and Airline College is that the tuition fee includes studying abroad in Korea for about one month, so you can study abroad without having to worry about airfare, accommodation costs, or tuition fees at the host country. is what you can do.

resort internship

Internships are available at hotels in Hokkaido, resorts often visited by Koreans. You can expect to improve your skills by providing a place where you can put the Korean you have learned into practical use.

Double language learning opportunity

In addition to Korean language study abroad, all instructors are native speakers and the official language is English, making it possible to acquire double language learning by acquiring English skills.

Life at study abroad destination

Living abroad is also an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of Korean culture.

Cultural exchange

While studying abroad, you can become familiar with Korean culture by making Korean friends and interacting with local families.

traditional event

In Korea, various traditional events are held every season. By participating in these events while studying abroad, you will deepen your understanding of Korean culture.

Career path after learning Korean

After learning Korean, you have the following career paths:

  1. Work for Korean or international companies
  2. Become a Korean teacher
  3. Get a job as a translator/interpreter

These careers will have more opportunities for you if you have Korean language skills.


Learning Korean will expand your future options. Osaka Foreign Language, Hotel and Airline College provides the perfect environment for learning Korean, allowing you to acquire practical skills through study abroad. Learn Korean and be active in various fields.


  1. Q: What are the admission requirements for Osaka Foreign Language, Hotel and Airline College?

    A: Please check the school's official website for more information regarding admission requirements.

  2. Q: Are there any other languages ​​I can learn besides Korean?

    A: Yes, you can also learn English and other foreign languages.

  3. Q: Can I work part-time during my study abroad period?

    A: Please follow local laws and visa requirements for part-time work in South Korea.

  4. Q: In addition to learning Korean, are there any other courses that I can study at Osaka Foreign Language, Hotel, and Airline College?

    A: Yes, we also offer courses specific to the hotel and airline industry.

  1. Q: What kind of employment support is provided after graduating from Osaka Foreign Language, Hotel and Airline College?

    A: The school has a job support system in place, which includes resume corrections and interview preparation. We are also strengthening our collaboration with companies to support job hunting.

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