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[Employment] What people who want to become hoteliers should know | Yosuke Maeda

Recently, the number of tourists from overseas has increased significantly in Osaka, and we are realizing how popular Japan is as a travel destination!


In such Osaka2025The Osaka/Kansai Expo will be held in 2019. In preparation for the Expo, many more hotels are opening in Osaka.


A first-class overseas brand hotel is also under construction. If you are interested, please check it out!



Why I wanted to become a hotel manager


I decided to become a hotel manager in the summer of my third year of high school.


From an early age, he was devoted to baseball and played in club activities, but after retiring from club activities, he began to think about his future. Should I go to college and continue playing baseball? Or will you try a new path? I was confused. Then a turning point came for me.


i am high school3During the summer vacation of my senior year, my family and I went on a trip to Hiroshima. I had retired from club activities and was enjoying myself to the fullest, but perhaps I got too carried away (?) and ended up with a high fever at the hotel I was staying at.



Meeting the hotel manager you admire


The temperature could be detected even without taking the temperature, but the mother was worried and asked the front desk, ``Could you lend me a thermometer?'' The hotel staff immediately provided one. He gave it to me.


So far, this is a "normal" service, right? However, the hotel staff I met here was different.


A little while later, they delivered things to my room that I hadn't asked for, including an ice pillow, cold water, a towel to wipe my sweat, and a change of pajamas. Even though her mother only asked for a thermometer for her.


I still remember being impressed by the service as a high school student.


And the next morning, I was even more surprised...



The words that made me decide to become a hotel manager


Perhaps it was worth it, and by the next morning my fever had completely subsided and I was feeling better, so when my family and I headed to the front desk to check out, there was the hotel staff from yesterday at the front desk.


I approached her to say thank you for yesterday, but before I could say anything, she said, "Are you okay with your fever? I'm glad you're feeling better. I hope you're enjoying a wonderful family trip!" He gave it to me.


These words made me decide, ``I want to work as a hotel manager, where I can make people feel so warm.''



Various customers coming to the hotel


The hotel welcomes families, businessmen and tourists from all over the world.


I have even met couples who have been told they don't have much time left to live and have come on a final trip as a couple. In a hotel full of diversity, what can we do for our customers? Why not aim for a job as a hotelier who constantly thinks about the concept of ``hotel hotel management'', understands customers' thoughts before they express them, and creates excitement?


Next time, I will introduce what I learned from being a professional student to becoming a hotel manager, as well as stories about my interactions with customers after becoming a hotel manager. Look forward to future articles!



Person who wrote this article

Yosuke Maeda

Department full-time lecturer/employment manager

5 years of experience as a lecturer. After graduating from Torajal Travel Hotel College (currently Osaka Hotel College), he worked in the lodging department at La Suite Kobe Harborland for six years. After that, she gained 6 years of experience in sales and design editing at an advertising agency, and then joined our school as a full-time instructor.


The classes I teach are:Bridal industry research, digital marketing, career guidance, etc..

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