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[3 selections] Skills necessary to succeed as a coveted English conversation instructor | Risa Maruyama

For everyone who is thinking, "I want to teach English at an English conversation school!"


An experienced person who has taught people from babies to the elderly at a major English conversation school will tell you the skills necessary for success!


In this article, I have focused on ``3 essential skills'' and summarized them.



1. English proficiency


Working as a teacher means that your job is to teach English. Don't teach wrong things in lessons. To achieve this, it is necessary to not only learn English vocabulary and English grammar, but also to learn how to speak natural English on a daily basis.


And new words are created every day in any language. In other words, studying English never ends. Therefore, it is important to practice repeatedly and repeat the same things over and over again when learning a language.


Dedicated people who don't mind repeating the same things every day and want to learn more are suitable as English conversation instructors.



2. Positive mind


At our English conversation school, students from a wide range of age groups come to our lessons for a variety of reasons.


Children come home from school, and working adults come home tired from work. What would you do if the teacher was teaching the lesson with a tired face and no smile? I don't want that kind of teacher!


Especially in kids lessons, if you don't have more energy than the kids, you will lose. Also, working adults and elderly people sometimes come to lessons to get some energy from the teacher!


Every human being feels depressed at times. But once you enter the school, try to be 200% positive, enjoy the lessons more than anyone else, and have the mindset to involve the people around you with your happy aura!



3. Enveloping empathy~empathy~


Actually, the job of an instructor is not just to teach English. We provide academic consultation, career consultation, and even daily trouble consultation with students and parents.


The key here is empathy! Specifically, students are required to have the ability to put themselves in the student's shoes, understand why they are worried, what are the reasons behind it, and empathize with their feelings.


Without empathy, not only will you be unable to give advice during such consultations, but your lessons will also become self-satisfying.


It's fun to stand in the student's shoes! I want to take it! Professional instructors can provide lessons and counseling that will make you think.



Would you like to learn these three skills together?

I have listed three skills necessary for an English conversation teacher, but none of them are easy to acquire!


However, at our school, you can start from the basics! We offer a curriculum where you can practically acquire not only English skills but also human skills (a positive mindset, the ability to put yourself in the other person's shoes, sympathize with their point of view, and act).


Would you like to work with us to hone the language skills and interpersonal skills needed for any job? We look forward to! !

Person who wrote this article

Risa Maruyama

English department full-time lecturer

Graduated from Osaka Foreign Language College. After working for AEON East Japan Co., Ltd. for 3 years, she has experience as a Japanese instructor for 3 years and as an English instructor for 10 years.

The classes I teach are TOEIC L&R, industrial English conversation,TOEIC Reading. Utilizing my language skills and experience studying abroad in Canada, I will help students realize their dreams and goals as an English instructor.

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