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[Language] The profound appeal of Korean | Miyajiga

Korean is Japanese and “It is an easy language to learn because the pronunciation and grammar are similar.


By learning Korean, you can learn lines from Korean dramas andK-POPYou can enjoy the lyrics more realistically. By learning the language and being exposed to Korean culture and customs, you will be able to understand different values ​​and broaden your horizons.


First of all, please experience the charm of the Korean language through this article.



Common points between Korean and Japanese


Korean and Japanese are relatively similar, partly because they are more or less influenced by the Kanji culture from China. Korean has the same kanji words as Japanese, and this commonality is the foundation of the language.


For example, the Korean words "무리 (muri)", "기분 (kibun)", "약속 (yakseok)", "시간 (sigan)", and "가족 (gajeok)" are used as "무리 (muri) = impossible", " The pronunciation is similar to Japanese: 기분 (kibun = mood), 약속 (yakseok) = promise, 시간 (sigan) = time, and 가족 (kajeok = family).


About the headwords in Korea's "Japanese Dictionary"57% is a kanji word, and kanji words often appear in Korean dramas.


Next time you watch a Korean drama, give it a listen. You'll definitely come across some familiar words!



Similarities between Korean Sign Language and Japanese Sign Language


It is also known that Japanese Sign Language and Korean Sign Language are approximately 50% similar.


In addition to learning Korean, I am also learning Korean sign language, and one day I saw a deaf person using sign language in a Korean drama, and I was surprised! "I'm happy," "thank you," "who" sounded exactly like Japanese Sign Language. When I looked into it, I found that Japanese Sign Language and Korean Sign Language are approximately50It turns out that the percentages are also similar.


By learning Korean Sign Language, you will understand the Korean language better than ever before, and sign language is not only a means of communication, but can also be a great way to connect people across languages ​​and cultures.


I would like to continue learning both Korean and Korean Sign Language while enjoying and conveying the depth of different cultures and languages.



Cute Korean words that will make you laugh


When I listen to Korean people talking, I sometimes find myself laughing out loud.


For example, "옷장 (Otchan)"

“Oops, what is this? 'Otchan' means 'closet' in Korean.


``메롱 (melon)'' This is a fruit melon. Rather, it is a Japanese word called ``Akanbe~'' that is used when teasing someone. When pronouncing it, try pronouncing it as ``me-ron'' while sticking out your tongue, just like when you say akkan-bae. Melon is cute, but be careful not to do it in front of your superiors! lol


There are other lies)= Smile

인도 (India) = sidewalk

고구마 (koguma) = sweet potato


There are still many cute and interesting "Korean words" that will make you laugh! Please check it out.


The fascinating world of Korean language

Korean is an easy-to-learn language for Japanese people as well.


I hope that you can feel the fun and depth of the Korean language through the commonalities and interesting words that I introduced this time.


By experiencing a culture different from Japan's, such as manners, food culture, and daily life, you will gain a new sense of values.


See you in the next column!



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Rika Miyaji

Deputy Manager / Employment Officer / Event Sales

Been a lecturer for 16 years. He joined our school after gaining experience in the sales department of an event business. As a career manager, she built relationships with hotels across the country and provided support to over 2,500 students.

Classes taught include work sessions and lifestyle design. I place importance on treating students not as teachers, but as senior members of society.

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