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[Employment] A former foreign CA speaks! The world of CA|Airi Miyoshi

When you hear the word "CA", you probably have various images such as "she's sparkling," "she looks like she's going to have fun traveling around the world," or "she looks like she's going to have a hard time working in a female-dominated society."


I think it's the same with any job, but the actualCAThe work involved is not always glamorous, and can be both physically and mentally demanding.


In this article, I would like to talk about the job content of a CA, including my experiences.



Why I chose the career path of CA


What made you decide to pursue a career as a CA?


I,CAI thought that this was a job for returnees who had extensive overseas experience from childhood and were fluent in English. However, unless I am a returnee, I was not born and raised in a family that travels overseas every year.


The first time I rode on a plane was when I was in elementary school. I went to Okinawa to attend my girlfriend's relative's wedding. I've always loved watching airplanes, but when I actually boarded the plane, my excitement overflowed and I was constantly looking around.


The CA who was on duty at that time was very kind to me and I was moved to see him working with a smile on his face from start to finish.


I decided to become a CA, thinking, ``I want to be like this person.''



Study abroad experience expands the world of CA


Studying abroad experience is not necessarily required to become a CA. However, especially if you are aiming to become a flight attendant on an international flight, English proficiency is definitely required.


I'm not the type of person who can sit at a desk and study diligently, so I chose a high school and university that had long-term study abroad programs in order to learn English efficiently and quickly. I was not fluent in English, and I left Japan without being able to carry out daily conversations, so I had a really hard time studying abroad for the first time. Every day was a battle against homesickness, but I am convinced that it was because of this experience that I was able to make great strides towards my dream.


Our school also has a well-established study abroad system, so I hope that students will take full advantage of this opportunity and take the first step towards their dreams.



Real job content of CA and learning at vocational school


We will introduce how CAs actually work and what they do.


FirstCAof departure2We will have a meeting called a "briefing" at an office in the airport about an hour before departure. Check important information such as passenger information for the flight you will be on, the services provided, and safety equipment.


After that, we will move to the aircraft we will be boarding and prepare to welcome the customers. Actually, the plane was very busy at this time! In addition to our crew members, many other people, including cleaning, maintenance, in-flight catering, and ground staff, are moving around in order to be on time for departure.


After this time, we greet you in fresh attire so that you don't feel like you've been busy, and the flight begins.


As you might imagine, the main duties during the flight are serving drinks and meals, but before and after departure, they are also responsible for "security duties," which are more important than any other duties.CAThis is one of its characteristics. Although I am thoroughly trained to prepare for unexpected situations, I was nervous on every flight because I never knew what would happen.


At a vocational school, you can acquire knowledge of such services and safety in advance during classes. Therefore, it is easy to imagine what it would be like when you actually joined the company as a CA and started your training.



CA summary


In order to realize your dream of becoming a CA, you need to pass a narrow and highly competitive hurdle.


In order to win that competition, at our school, former flight attendants candidly talk about their real-life experiences, and teach us how to communicate with passengers in the field, crisis management, etc.CAWe provide practical training to help you acquire the skills required.


I think there are many people who think, ``Aren't all vocational schools the same?'' However, our school has a comprehensive study abroad program, a training room that looks exactly like the inside of an airplane, and above all, bright and energetic people. The only way to confirm this is to actually visit it.


I'm looking forward to meeting you at the open campus and talking more about the charms of CA!



Person who wrote this article

Airi Miyoshi

Airline Department Full-time Instructor / Cabin Attendant (CA)

Graduated from Kansai University. He joined our school after working as a flight attendant for Singapore Airlines for five and a half years. He has been teaching for 2 years.

She studied abroad for 10 months each in high school and university, acquired English skills, and became her dream CA. I would like to tell you about the charm of a flight life where every day was exciting. The classes I teach are airline subjects and English subjects.

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