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[Career Path] What is the appeal of working at a hotel according to someone with experience in the industry | Nao Okada

What kind of image do you have of a "hotel manager/hotelier" who works at a lodging facility?


Many students who aim to become hotel staff come to the school with some kind of admiration or an image of being a bright person. I was one of those people.


This time,I would like to tell you about the charms of the hotel industry that I was able to realize because I actually worked as a hotelier for 4 years.


the joy of hospitality


Hotel staff = “Hospitality professionals”


All of the staff working at the hotel strive to ensure that you have a comfortable, pleasant and special time with us.


The joy our staff derives from seeing customers' smiles, gratitude, emotional tears, and words of gratitude is greater than we can imagine. When we are able to provide a special moment that exceeds the customer's imagination, we feel an irreplaceable sense of satisfaction.



Diverse career opportunities


There are many job types in the hotel industry, and you can build your experience and career in various departments according to your skills.


When you think of hoteliers, many people think of the front desk and bell staff. In addition, there are many other job types such as restaurant service such as buffet, French, and Japanese cuisine, bartending, banquet planner, banquet service, marketing, finance, etc., and you can experience in various departments according to your skills. , you can build your career.


When I joined the company, I didn't have a particular idea of ​​``I wanted to work here!'' but rather wanted to gain more experience. The personnel department understood my feelings, and I was able to build a career in multiple departments.


First, in order to learn about hotels as a whole, I experienced working as a "bell staff" in lodging operations. After that, I received training in accounting work related to all restaurants, and after that, I gained experience in banquet services, cafes, Japanese cuisine, inns, and French restaurants, and thankfully, I was also able to help set up a hotel restaurant as an opening staff member. Ta.


When I talk to people who don't know much about the hotel industry, they are often surprised that they don't think that my experience was with just one company.


This career that I was able to build across multiple departments was possible only in the hotel industry, and I believe that it is a valuable experience that can only be gained in the hotel industry.



Broad knowledge and specialized skills


The hotel industry requires a lot of knowledge. This is because hotels are used for a variety of purposes, and a service tailored to each individual is required.


When I was in the lodging department, I often went out to explore the surrounding area of ​​the hotel to provide guidance to tourists and expand my knowledge, and I used to go out and explore the area around the hotel, using maps that I handed out to guests to help me learn about sightseeing in Kyoto, where the hotel is located. I also went on a tour of the land.


In addition, the food and beverage department, which provides service at restaurants, requires skills more than knowledge. In addition to the basic skills of serving food and wine, there is also a technique known as découpage, which is used in French restaurants to make desserts from scratch in front of the customers. I am proud to be a staff member.


When I worked at a cafe, I have fond memories of opening more than 10 cartons of milk a day to make delicious cappuccino.


Of course, it's not easy, and there are many things that can go wrong.

However, because I knew that the knowledge and skills I acquired would lead to ``the joy and excitement of customers'', I found learning to be fun rather than difficult.


Hotels are a special industry that inspires me.


Take your first step to becoming a professional in the hotel industry at a vocational school

Working at a hotel gives you a rich experience and a sense of fulfillment that is more than just a job.


The sense of fulfillment that comes from valuing hospitality and making customers happy is something that cannot be replaced by any other job. The hotel industry is a wonderful industry where you can truly enjoy the joy of others, not just as a hotel staff member, but as a person!


I would be happy if more people became interested in the hotel industry through this article!


We look forward to seeing you at our school!

Person who wrote this article

Nao Okada

Full-time lecturer in hotel department / banquet/food and beverage services (French, cafe)

Full-time lecturer in the department. After graduating from Osaka Hotel College, Hotel Okura Kyoto4Worked for 1. Seconded to Hotel Okura Kyoto Okazaki Bettei for one year.


The classes I teach are food and beverage service, banquet service,HRSTest preparation, manner protocol test preparation. We cultivate people who not only learn, but also teach others!

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