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By learning Korean, you can start friendships and romance with Koreans! ?

Recently, due to the influence of K-POP idols and Korean dramas, more and more people are thinking, "I want to make friends with Korean people!"

The best way to make friends with Korean people is to learn Korean.


This happened when I was studying abroad in Korea.


At first, I didn't understand Korean at all, so I found it very difficult to communicate.

However, as I studied Korean at school, I gradually began to understand the language of the local people and was able to communicate with my Korean classmates.

Being able to speak Korean at a daily conversation level was a major turning point, and my interactions with local Koreans increased significantly. After that, I learned new words and expressions through interactions → I was told if I was wrong → I was able to use more words, and so on, my Korean became better and better.


As communication with Koreans has become smoother and it has become easier to understand each other's culture and values, I have become more interested in Korean culture and history.

At Osaka Foreign Language, Hotel and Airline College, you can study abroad for about a month at Sejong University, a prestigious private university in Seoul!

In addition to Korean classes, you can also spend a fulfilling month learning K-POP dance and vocals, as well as interacting with local university students!


If you want to have fun learning Korean, please consider enrolling at Osaka Foreign Language, Hotel, and Airline College!

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Professor Mika Yoshida

Admission consultation advisor

Worked as a dress coordinator at Best Anniversary Co., Ltd. for 4 years. Pursuing professional hospitality that warms people's hearts, he has produced coordination for over 300 groups.
Currently, she is working hard every day as a career advisor in the public relations office, with the motto of ``be bright, fun, and energetic,'' helping many high school students and people who are worried about their career paths find their dreams.

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