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[Teacher Blog] Hotel Department Summer Training Starts! |2022

Hello everyone.

The hot days are continuing, how are you doing?

This is Miyaji, who only eats watermelon every day.(* ^ ▽ ^ *)



Practical training starts all over the country! !


Well, we are still in a difficult situation due to the coronavirus pandemic.


≪Hokkaido, Nagano, Shizuoka, Mie, Awaji Island, Osaka, Kyoto...Hotels all over the country≫Summer training atcarried out!

This summer, we are cooperating with many companies. I'm really thankful to you!

Overcoming the anxiety of training


When the training had just begun, the trainees looked anxious.


However``After a month, I looked more lively.''How to interact with customersI'm relieved to see that


She gave us happy reports such as, ``Customers complimented me on my nice smile!''

Being at a real hotel and having the opportunity to interact with customers will give you confidence.



hotel nice job


The hotel receives many

A wonderful job where you can say "thank you"!

Now that the summer corporate training is over, there is no time to relax, and next is the "winter" corporate training! !


At our school,Gain on-site experience at up to 2 hotels over 3 yearsTherefore, you can find a hotel that suits you.


What kind of hotel would you like to practice at?

A resort hotel? A theme park hotel? I'm looking forward to it now!



OC is waiting for you!


I would like to tell you about the many attractions of the hotel industry, such as training and employment!

Please come to school to playVisit CampusToPlease come.


All the Osaka Hotel College faculty members are looking forward to seeing you.


Osaka Hotel College

Rika Miyaji





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