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[Teacher Blog] Autumn for self-improvement🍁

Hello. This is Ueda from the airline department✈

This summer was so scorching that I thought it would last forever.

It has finally become easier to spend time☺


The students in the airline department are also starting to prepare for job hunting in earnest.


During my summer vacation, I started self-analysis in preparation for job hunting, but this seems to be quite difficult.

We think we know this, but in reality, we may never have thought about it very deeply.

The same was true for students, who were given copies for self-analysis and job hunting.10I am struggling with multiple worksheets.

Don't worry about completing these sheets! Instead, it is important to speak in a way that is easy to understand during interview practice, and allows you to convey exactly what you want to convey.


What you're good at, what you've worked hard at, what you've always strived for... We will work together to create an entry sheet where each person can look at themselves and shine.

Even if you say nice things only during the interview, the hiring manager, who is a professional interviewer, will understand.

It is very important to always be careful to avoid this.

For this purpose, we are confident in providing worksheet guidance and interview practice, and we are putting even more effort into this, so we highly recommend those aiming to pass the exam to try them out.

Also, this fall, I hope you all have a chance to improve yourself in preparation for your future!

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