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[Teacher Blog] Study abroad exchange meeting ☺✨

Hi everyone! How y'all doing? Hello everyone! This is Maruyama from the English department.

It’s July! I can feel the summer when I see summer festival lanterns being displayed at a nearby shrine 🎐


By the way, everyone7Month4Do you know what day it is? Tanabata is7Month7It’s daylight, so what is it?


The correct answer is...

It's the Fourth of July! Independence Day! Yes, it's America's Independence Day 🗽

17767Month4Japan officially broke away from Britain and a new country, the United States of America, was born.

October 4Many workplaces and schools are closed on the day, and neighbors and families gather together to enjoy a day of picnics and barbecues.

As the sun sets, fireworks are set off all over the United States, and you can celebrate with your friends and family!


When I asked students who studied abroad in Seattle last year, they said they had a lot of fun celebrating with their host families and friends 😃


A networking event between returning students who studied abroad and students who are planning to study abroad next year was held the other day, where you could listen to the stories of such seniors studying abroad in Seattle!


It was a big hit with a game designed by seniors from Seattle ♬

memories of seattlemovieThere is also a viewing party,

Even if it's your first time, you can get to know each other right away, and you'll never stop smiling at this networking event 💛

We have become such good friends 😆

For those who want to study abroad in the United States after graduating from high school,

Go to open campus nowLet's go~!

You can hear the latest study abroad stories from our seniors~😏


We look forward to seeing you at the open campus!

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