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[Flight Attendant] Diversity and charm of the aviation industry | Ayako Ueda

The aviation industry offers a diverse and exciting range of jobs, attracting many people to pursue their dreams.


Ground staff and flight attendants are two of the most visible and attention-grabbing positions, but each position requires different personalities and skills.


Today, I would like to introduce you to the steps you can take to become active in the aviation industry and what you can do from now.



Personality suitable for ground staff and flight attendants


Even in the airline industry, different suitability is required for cabin attendants and ground staff.


Flight attendants are responsible for providing services onboard airplanes and ensuring the safety of passengers. They greet passengers with a smile and a professional attitude. It is important to be positive, have excellent communication skills, have patience for stress, crisis management skills, and the ability to make calm and quick decisions. Also, understanding different cultures is essential.


Ground staff, on the other hand, play a key role at the airport and are responsible for ground operations and passenger services for airplanes. Their work is diverse and essential for smooth operations. Communication skills, time management, flexibility and ability to deal with unpredictable situations and calm judgment are required.


Both have common aptitude and personality traits such as communication skills and judgment, but there are many differences depending on which path you take, so it is important to deeply self-analyze.



3 things you should study in high school


In order to land a job in the aviation industry, it is a good idea to focus on the following three things from high school.


■Learning foreign languages

In the aviation industry, you often work in an international environment. English skills are required as a prerequisite. Start studying foreign languages ​​in school classes from high school onwards to improve your communication skills.


■Accumulation of leadership experience

Develop a sense of cooperation and responsibility through volunteer activities and leadership experiences both on and off campus. These skills will serve you well in a career in aviation.


■ Deepen your understanding of the aviation industry

Read relevant books and articles to deepen your understanding of aviation and prepare for your future career. By learning about various companies and job types, you can make more effective use of what you learn at vocational school.



Connect your dreams and make your future come true


The aviation industry is a challenging yet fulfilling career. Start now to steadily build up your skills and prepare for the challenge of the aviation industry.


At a vocational school, you can effectively learn knowledge about ground operations as a ground staff member and service provision as a flight attendant, and acquire practical skills. Would you like to learn together?


I hope these tips will help you achieve your dreams.

Person who wrote this article

Ayako Ueda

Airline Department Head / Cabin Attendant (CA) / Chief Purser

From All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. He has been a flight attendant for 12 years. He has experience in all classes of work, primarily international flights, but also domestic flights, as well as purser and chief purser. He is also active in a wide range of fields, including employment support for companies and contract work for government agencies. His classes include airline subjects and career guidance.


The motto is ``Small good is similar to great evil. Great good is similar to ruthlessness.'' ``Difficult things are easy, easy things are deep.''




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