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We offer a wide variety of study abroad programs that will greatly improve your personal abilities, and our school's unique curriculum to help you acquire advanced language skills.
By learning not only grammar but also "useful English", you will be able to play an active role globally in the future.

The career path you want to pursue

  • Tourism industry
  • sales, service
  • Education related
  • trade related
  • Domestic and international global companies
  • university transfer
  • Study abroad

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Study PlanLearning plan tailored to each individual

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ICT education

Acquire English skills that can be used in a wide range of situations, from basic to advanced.

  • Online one-on-one English conversation

    Online one-on-one English conversation

    One-on-one English conversation has the advantage of being able to choose texts that suit your level, instructors that suit you, and learn without having to worry about what other students are looking at. You will thoroughly improve your speaking skills in an environment where you have to speak English.

  • Individual learning using tablets

    Individual learning using tablets

    Each student uses a tablet to receive individual feedback on speaking and writing skills from the instructor. By checking the assignments individually, you can thoroughly study the areas in which you are weak.

  • online self-study materials

    online self-study materials

    We also have books in various genres for different reading levels that students are not good at. You can find your favorite book by referring to reviews from seniors and classmates about each book.

Professorlearn english
Native instructor & bilingual
Thorough follow-up by Japanese instructors

Native instructors will teach you how to express English in a variety of situations, with a focus on speaking, and bilingual Japanese instructors will support you with issues related to learning and maintaining motivation. With W Support, you can surely improve your English skills and lead to the realization of your dreams.

2step curriculum2 year curriculum

1st YEAR

Learn from the basics in English

It's okay if you're not good at English! By native and bilingual Japanese instructors
Learn basic English skills through well-balanced classes.



    Popular movies and dramas, etc.
    Learn using photos and diagrams

    English Through Entertainment

    A fun class to learn English through entertainment such as foreign movies and dramas. Learn English words and phrases used by native speakers.



    Popular music, news, etc.
    Learn by listening and feeling

    Pronunciation Training

    We will check your own weak pronunciation and thoroughly correct it before studying abroad.



    Learning that you can experience using your whole body

    Industrial English

    Students will use the school's facilities to acquire English conversation skills used in various industries.

2nd YEAR

Immersion education in English

The official language of the class is English! Approximately 80% of classes are taught by native instructors!
We will prepare you to be active globally by making full use of English.

  • English Discussion

    Students will acquire the ability to express their opinions in English, which they have honed since their first year, as well as the ability to have discussions with others. Students with high English proficiency and knowledge of different cultures make the classes exciting!

  • English Guide Project

    We plan sightseeing plans to entertain guests from overseas and provide actual guidance to tourist destinations. You can develop not only your English skills but also your planning and presentation skills.

  • Career English

    You will acquire the English skills needed in a global work environment, such as responding to e-mails and telephone calls. Students will prepare English resumes and practice English interviews, with a view to finding employment with foreign companies or overseas.

  • English Speech Contest

    An English speech contest was held as the culmination event of the English department. First-year students give a 1-2 minute English speech about their goals. Second-year students will give presentations of about 5 to 7 minutes on various themes. Show off your English skills and your ability to present in public.

ProfessorProud instructors

It's okay if you're not good at English! Instructor support is the key to growth and success!
Focusing on "usable English skills," native and Japanese instructors work together to support the acquisition of practical English conversation skills.

  • Dr. Wayne Ford

    After graduating from university, he worked in a wide variety of positions, from retail stores to computer sales to theater management. He was in Japan for about 13 years, where he taught English. His teaching style is lively and powerful. In class, we use many natural English expressions to help students learn real-life English. Experience a class where you can realize that language is a living thing!

  • Teacher Risa Maruyama

    For about 10 years, I have taught English to people of all ages, from babies to the elderly, at universities, vocational schools, cram schools, English conversation schools, etc. In class, we provide easy-to-understand explanations without using grammatical terms, helping students who have given up on English in junior high and high school! Careful guidance on pronunciation and sound connections that are difficult for Japanese people. Let's step up one step at a time!


Run out of school
Experience work at a company!

Students will take advantage of the English skills they have cultivated through classes and studying abroad to do an internship at a hotel. You can imagine a future where you actually work using English.

  • Merit.1

    Learn English while working at various companies

  • Merit.2

    Top companies offer training! Gain experience

  • Merit.3

    Find what you want to do!

English skillscan play an active role globally
improve your English skills


In recent years, due to the increase in the number of foreign tourists and the globalization of companies, an increasing number of companies are requiring new employees to have English proficiency. Foreign-affiliated companies in particular often require a certain level of English proficiency when hiring, and TOEIC® scores are used to evaluate this.

750 points to 990 points For negotiations in business situations, etc.
have useful language skills
555 points to 745 points Easy to carry out daily conversations
have language skills
420 points to 550 points Can speak and listen to some extent
350 points to 415 points Possess basic listening and speaking skills

Scores required for each industry job

  • Front staff450point
  • Grand Staff550point
  • Cabin attendant600point
  • Concierge800point
  • Enrollment score 440 points → Best score 735 points

  • Enrollment score 205 points → Best score 820 points

  • Enrollment score 500 points → Best score 910 points

Improving 7 skills

Achieve “usable English skills” with our original method
We will focus on improving the 7 skills.

  • speak, write, listen, read
  • +
  • think, communicate, express

Career after graduation

Use your English skills to work in a variety of settings.
Tailored to each person's desired career path
We provide thorough employment support.

Employment list

Japan Airlines, Skymark, The Ritz-Carlton Osaka, THE GINZA, Kinder Kids, Princess Cruises, Hotel Okura Amsterdam, Mitsukoshi USA (Walt Disney World), and many others

*Past overseas study abroad users Employment results

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