Get closer to your dream career by choosing your career path early! For first and second year high school students

Get closer to your dream career by choosing your career path early! For first and second year high school students

Are all first and second year high school students already thinking about their career path?
Are you curious about how everyone else chooses their career path?
Check out when they started thinking about their career path and how they decided on their destination.

RouteAbout career pathAdvantages of choosing a career path early

  • Merit.1

    AO entrance examinationSpecial benefits such as
    You can take the exam using many entrance exam methods!
    Opportunity for tuition reduction!

  • Merit.2

    By taking your time,
    A path without mistakesYou can decide!

  • Merit.3

    Your career path will be decided quickly,
    Enjoy the rest of your high school life!

When did you start thinking about your career path?

1st-2nd year high school 75% / 3st half of 16rd year of high school 3% / 9nd half of XNUMXrd year of high school XNUMX%

Entrance exams for vocational schools usually start as early as June of the third year of high school, so
Many people start thinking about their career path by visiting open campuses during their first or second year of high school!

ScheduleSchedule until admission

  • 2nd year high school

    Spring~Summer vacation

    First of all, join the open campus!

  • 2nd year high school

    July to September

    “It’s time to do something”
    Let's narrow it down!

  • 2nd year high school


    Special by department
    Experience the industry first-hand at events

  • 3nd year high school

    July to September

    Entries begin in June!
    Start preparing for the AO entrance exam!

  • 3nd year high school

    July to September

    Chance to reduce tuition by 100 million yen!
    AO Challenge Scholarship

  • 3nd year high school

    September ~

    AO entrance examination application reception has started!

DifferenceDifference between university and vocational school

Immediate skills for finding a job or working in the field
conscious curriculum

While the purpose of university is to obtain a bachelor's degree,
Our school aims to help students acquire knowledge and skills that will help them get a job and become immediately useful in the field.

  • Main school

    • ●Develop professionals by focusing on the knowledge and skills necessary for the job
    • ●Classes are mainly experiential learning (practical training)
  • University

    • ●Focus on research and education and train researchers.
    • ●A lot of mass education

Reasons why I chose Osaka Foreign Language, Hotel and Airline College

  • A good sense of distance between current students and teachers. Everyone gets along well and especially looks like they're having fun! Many of our graduates are active in the industry!
  • The trial class was so much fun, and the current students were so cool! The facilities are great, the connections with companies are strong, and it's great for finding employment!

Our school has turned out many graduates, drawing on its overwhelming history and tradition.
Here is the path to becoming the "ultimate hospitality professional" recognized by the industry.

Watch the video of the open campus!