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greetingGreetings from the principal

This industry that you are interested in is a gathering of people who aim to ``make customers happy and make themselves happy.'' From ``correct Japanese,'' ``fresh greetings,'' and ``dignified demeanor,'' to ``understand the customer's thoughts and make their requests come true'' and ``use language skills to expand their worldview and create new services that can be used around the world.'' "Providing safety to our customers in any situation"... They are described as "creators of excitement and safety" and "magicians who make customers smile," and it is also a world where their skills are competed as professionals.
Make the most of your role and live with pride. Our school cultivates this technique and determination. Faculty and staff serve as professional models for students, learning together with students and helping each individual develop their potential. We are proud to see so many of our graduates shine and contribute to the industry.

School Principal Naoki Takada

School Principal Naoki Takada

Employment rateEmployment rate

Eliminate anxiety about job hunting
Complete support system

Since its opening in 1973, the school has produced people who work in the tourism and service industries.
There are many companies that are popular among university students! This school is truly a shortcut to finding employment.
With industry-specific employment strategies from an early stage, we provide comprehensive support in line with company trends, from admission to obtaining a job offer.

  • Career decision rate 100%
  • Total number of job openings: 8,616

Main employment offer results

  • Japan Airlines (JAL) Group
    246First name
  • All Nippon Airways (ANA) Group
    257First name
  • The Ritz-Carlton Osaka
    40First name
  • Imperial Hotel
    60First name
  • hotel universal port
    65First name
  • Employment overseas
    500More than first name

*Achievements since 2005

Employment guidance

Even if you are worried about job hunting alone,
At our school, you can feel safe because you and your teacher work together.

Characteristics of employment guidance

  • one-on-one
    Passionate guidance is the deciding factor!

    The aptitude for a job or a company differs from person to person.That's why the teacher in charge frequently conducts individual interviews and provides empathetic support.We will guide you one-on-one until you are satisfied with the results.

  • from the industry
    Support is the deciding factor!

    At the Career Support Center (Employment Guidance Office), advisors from the hotel and tourism industry are on standby. We use our experience and network to provide industry information and advice on resumes and interview tips.

  • Employment preparation classes and
    Job hunting events are the deciding factor!

    We hold seminars to raise awareness of work and employment, and learn about the ``student image desired by the industry'' at on-campus company information sessions. Companies have high expectations for our school, and recruitment exams are sometimes held on campus.

Recorded a real job exam
The “examination report” is a treasure of our school.

The exam report is submitted to our school after taking the employment exam, and is filled out by past students each time they take the exam. This report is the "treasure" that supports our school's overwhelming job offer rate. The sheet contains detailed information about exams and interviews, advice for junior students such as things to be careful of when taking the exam, and things to reflect on, as well as the real voices of students looking for jobs. can. Valuable data from the past 10 years has been preserved as valuable data on the success stories of seniors who have fulfilled their one wish of getting a job offer, and it is useful for researching trends and countermeasures taken by companies seeking employment.

MessageFrom high school teachers
Message introduction

A school that you can trust with confidence

Alumni of our school are indebted to you. I feel very encouraged when I hear from students that they are doing their best, such as ``I enjoy my work,'' ``I'm learning social studies,'' and ``I can learn practical content.'' I can feel the splendor of your school's education by watching them steadily grow despite their busy lives. Your school has a long history, is highly trusted by local high schools, has many dedicated and honest teachers, and has the image of a school that cares deeply about its students. This is one of the schools where you can feel at ease and feel confident that these things will help you decide on your career path after graduation. We look forward to providing even more guidance than ever before to help students who graduate from our school reach their desired career path.

(Mr. K, General High School)

Turnover rate is low and stable
Many students have jobs

Graduates are taken care of.When I asked the teachers of your school how the graduates were doing, I was able to hear that they were very talented and ambitious.Your school has a solid education on human beings and manners, and when I visited before, I was surprised to hear greetings from all the students I passed.That's why the turnover rate is low and there are many students who have stable jobs.
We look forward to your continued guidance to ensure thorough human and etiquette education.

(General High School Teacher T)



I would like to participate in a hands-on event. Do I need to make a reservation?


Reservations are required for open campus, special events, school tours, and all hands-on events.For reservations, please apply from the event application form on the website or the toll-free number (0120-550861).


If there are many absent days, will it affect the admission process?


During the interview, you may be asked about the reason for your absence.However, students will not be disqualified solely for the number of days absent.Even students who missed many classes when they were in high school have found definite goals at our school and are working hard at their studies.In the entrance examination, we place importance on having a sense of purpose and a desire to learn after admission.


I have a student who I would like to recommend in the designated school recommendation entrance examination. What kind of procedure is necessary?


For designated schools of this school (Osaka Railway and Tourism College/Osaka Foreign Language/Hotel/Airline College/Osaka Bridal College/Osaka Theme Park/Dance College), we will be offering "Designated School Recommendation Admission" in June. We have sent you the "Selection Implementation Guidelines" and the "Designated School Recommendation Admission Selection Application Form." Please see here for detailed procedures.


I have a student who wants to apply, so I would like to submit an application for admission.


The application form for admission is included in the "Application Guidelines & Financial Support System" enclosed in the admission guide. If you have lost the Application Guidelines & Financial Support System, please contact us at the toll-free number (0120-550861).


How far can I improve my English skills after studying abroad under the study abroad system? How can I use it to get a job?


Every year, the average TOEIC score of students returning from studying abroad has increased to around 600. After returning to Japan, he has pursued various career paths, including working for foreign companies and working overseas.


I would like to introduce a vocational perspective development education program.


We receive many inquiries every year, and we provide assistance to a variety of schools. For requests and inquiries, please call toll-free (0120–550861) Please contact us. The main course contents are as follows.

Occupational understanding
  • Overview of tourism and bridal industry such as hotels, airlines, railways, and theme parks
  • Job description above
  • Experience-based classes above
  • Industry people (current and former) lectures, etc.
Employment relations
  • Career Vision (Career Guidance)
  • Manners and grooming course
  • Interview guidance
  • Self-analysis, creation of aspirations, etc.
  • Hospitality development program
  • School excursion etiquette course
  • Lecture on higher education costs (tuition, scholarships, various public support systems), etc.