Career supportCAREER SUPPORT

Eliminate anxiety about job hunting
Complete support system

Since its opening in 1973, the school has produced people who work in the tourism and service industries.
There are many companies that are popular among university students! This school is truly a shortcut to finding employment.
With industry-specific employment strategies from an early stage, we provide comprehensive support in line with company trends, from admission to obtaining a job offer.

  • Career decision rate 100%
  • Total number of job openings: 8,616

Main employment offer results

  • Japan Airlines (JAL) Group
    246First name
    All Nippon Airways (ANA) Group
    257First name
  • The Ritz-Carlton Osaka
    40First name
    Imperial Hotel
    60First name
  • hotel universal port
    65First name
    Employment overseas
    500More than first name

*Achievements since 2005

GuidanceProfessional instructor x employment guidance

Even if you are worried about job hunting alone,
At the hospice, you can feel safe because you and your doctor work together.

Instructors who are proud of the industry

You can become a pro by learning from the pros.
Instructors who know the front lines of the industry work together to provide guidance.
We support each person's dreams.

Characteristics of employment guidance

  • Guidance to increase professional awareness starting from the time of admission
  • Thorough preparation for job hunting integrated with curriculum
  • Strong relationships of trust with companies with proven track records
  • We provide personalized guidance to each student through collaboration between the homeroom teacher and the employment officer.
  • Careful follow-up including employment consultation even after graduation
1st year first semester (April to September)
  • ・Industry employment exam preparation I
  • ・Corporate training
  • ・Career guidance (employment measures)
1st year second semester (October to March)
  • ・Industry employment exam preparation II
  • ・Individual interview
  • ・U-turn/I-turn employment consultation
  • ・Employment seminar
2st year first semester (April to September)
  • ・Career counseling for undecided students
  • ・Industry-academia collaboration classes
  • ・Interview dojo
  • ・Individual interview
2st year second semester (October to March)
  • ・Industry-academia collaboration classes
  • ・Interview dojo
  • ・Individual interview

Supportsupport system

Class teacher, teacher who teaches the class,
Support from career counselors

In addition to the full-time instructors who conduct the classes, class teachers with industry backgrounds provide comprehensive support for students not only academically but also in their student life on a daily basis. Students have a high level of trust and satisfaction with their teachers, who always listen intently to what students have to say, from questions about their studies and career paths to even minor concerns and troubles. Also, when looking for a job, a career counselor joins in, and the teacher in charge of the class, the homeroom teacher, and the person in charge of employment work together to guide students toward finding employment. Above all, our school's unique ability to provide guidance from all directions, with emphasis on the individuality of each student. Teachers and students interact on a regular basis, and teachers collaborate and share information to achieve the best job matching possible and a high employment rate.

We have strong connections with the industry, so we are good at finding employment!

In-school company information session

The event will be held by inviting multiple companies, including those from overseas, to the school, including those that have a track record of hiring. Since only companies that want to hire students from our school gather here, it is easy to appeal to each other and have efficient interviews with recruiters.

List of companies holding in-school company information sessions(Excerpt)

  • ・Skymark
  • ・J-Air
  • ・Fuji Dream Airlines
  • ・Star flyer
  • ・Jetstar Japan
  • ・ANA Narita Airport Service
  • ・ANA Kansai Airport
  • ・ANA Osaka Airport
  • ・JAL Sky
  • ・JAL Sky Osaka
  • ・CKTS
  • ・The Ritz-Carlton Osaka
  • ・Imperial Hotel Osaka
  • ・St. Regis Hotel Osaka
  • ・Hotel Universal Port
  • ・Hotel Okura Kobe
  • ・Miriyal Resort Hotels
  • ・Palace Hotel
  • ・Halekulani Okinawa

And many others

Employment measures

Immediately after enrolling, we begin by confirming your readiness for employment. Since then, classes on topics such as ``How to research companies'' and ``How to proceed with job hunting'' have been held regularly, and the curriculum has been designed to provide a comprehensive awareness of job hunting.

Employment measures

business skills

In class, you will learn skills required in business settings, such as PC skills, presentations, and discussions. Since you will learn in a practical manner, you will be able to work immediately after graduation.

Mock exam/mock interview

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