Message/school conceptCONCEPT

FIND YOUR STAGEMake dreams come true with language skills and interpersonal skills

In today's increasingly globalized society
In order to be successful, of course you need language skills,
Attitude to understand various cultures of the world
Communication skills with an international sense
Human skills such as these are required.

Our school has been reborn as a more global school.
Reach a new stage by improving your language skills and interpersonal skills
Let's open up and be active on the world stage.

Department of Hotel and Airline

It features realistic learning, including full-time instructors from the industry and practical training rooms that recreate the actual site. Through industry-academia collaborative classes and corporate training that make use of connections with the industry, students develop work-ready skills and professionalism. With a focus on hospitality, we aim to acquire the language skills and interpersonal skills required in the field, and become the ultimate hospitality professionals who can be active both domestically and internationally.

Department of Foreign Languages

Learn advanced language skills that are useful in business through one-on-one instruction tailored to each individual. In addition, through various programs in collaboration with external organizations, students deepen their understanding of other cultures and develop an international mindset. We aim to acquire the skills necessary to be a true international citizen and to contribute to the development of global society.