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To acquire first-class hospitalityAbsolute employment program

Employment offer rate for job applicants: 100%

He is a caring person who works closely with each person until they are satisfied with their path.
This program is run by teachers who know everything about the industry, and will thoroughly support you in getting a job, from self-promotion during the employment exam to getting a job offer.

CounterplanThorough interview preparation

  • Personal interview preparation

    Personal interview preparation

    Develop your communication skills in your own language. We will provide thorough individual guidance so that you can demonstrate your true potential during the actual interview.

    Take all precautions until the day before your interview!

    I thought carefully with the teacher about possible questions such as motivation for applying and self-promotion, practiced the interview many times one-on-one, and stayed with me until the day before the interview!

  • English interview preparation

    English interview preparation

    English interviews are often conducted mainly at foreign hotels. We will practice preparations with our English instructors.

    I was able to take on the English interview with confidence!

    At the interview, I was worried about my English skills, which I had developed through studying abroad, but by practicing with native speakers many times, I was able to acquire the skills to be able to respond in English when job hunting. I did.

AdviceAdvice from seniors

  • Panel talk for prospective employees

    Panel talk for prospective employees

    We will hear from prospective applicants about key points in choosing a company and the content of employment exams, and will utilize this information in our job hunting process.

    Start your job search with peace of mind
    I was able to cut it!

    I was able to hear directly from my senior colleagues who had received a job offer from the company I admired, so I was unsure where to start, but based on the valuable advice from my senior colleagues, I was able to clarify what I needed to do in advance. , I was able to search for jobs with peace of mind.

  • Employment exam report

    Employment exam report

    Based on employment experiences from senior students, you can freely view reports that summarize useful information for finding employment, from written exams to interview questions.

    A must-have item for job hunting!

    I had a lot of concerns about what kind of questions would be asked and what kind of preparation I would need for the written test, but I had exam reports left by past seniors, so I prepared well in advance. I was able to prepare for the job exam and take the job exam.