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  • Imperial Hotel Co., Ltd.

    Mr. Hideya Sadayasu

    Representative Director and President/School Councilor Hideya Sadahasu Mr

    Hotels are places used for various events in life. We are blessed with the opportunity to provide hospitality to a wide range of customers both domestically and internationally, and providing hospitality to overseas customers in particular will help them remember Japan fondly for the rest of their lives. We aim to become world-class professionals and look forward to the day when we can welcome our customers with a smile.

  • Kintetsu Miyako Hotels Co., Ltd.

    Mr. Akira Ueda

    Managing Director, Head of Management Headquarters/School Councilor 
    Akira Ueda Mr

    Hotels are places that appear in many people's cherished memories. I think this is because in the special space of a hotel, there are professionals who truly welcome guests. I believe that the hospitality provided by hotel staff is a major reason why Japan ranks high on the list of countries people want to visit after the coronavirus subsides. Would you like to help your customers create memories?

  • All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.

    Mr. Koji Matsuoka

    Guest Room Center Deputy Center Director Koji Matsuoka Mr

    Modern times are truly unpredictable and turbulent times. However, no matter what era you are in, if you maintain a broad perspective and continue to make efforts and take on challenges, a path will always open up for you. There are many things that you can only do when you are young. In a school with a wonderful tradition, please improve your human skills by working hard with your friends and honing your own individuality. We look forward to your continued growth.

  • Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.

    Ms. Kumiko Miyasaka

    Executive Officer/Western Japan Branch Manager/School Councilor 
    Kumiko Miyasaka Mr

    The human resources we are looking for are, first of all, people who are interested in a variety of things, can think for themselves and take on challenges, and who have a sense of responsibility, a sense of mission, and a sense of ownership, and who have a "heart" for customers and colleagues. I am a person who feels joy in doing my best. We believe that if we have an honest and beautiful heart as our base, our growth will further expand. Please come and share the joy of working at an airline.

ConnectionDeep connections with the industry

  • collaborated with industry
    Curriculum organization

    In order to develop the human resources needed in the field, our school has created a curriculum in collaboration with the industry. Every year, we invite people from various industries to visit our school and exchange opinions about our curriculum, incorporating much of the practical and specialized learning needed in the industry.

  • Including corporate training
    Practicing on-site education

    We provide paid corporate training in collaboration with industry. This will help you develop a sense of work and give you an opportunity to think about your career path. In addition, we incorporate learning in various on-site settings, including hotels and airports, within our classes.

  • On-campus company information sessions
    Conducted internal selection

    We hold on-campus company information sessions and on-campus selection by multiple companies, including those from overseas, as well as companies with a track record of hiring. There are many companies that want to hire our students, so this is a great opportunity to find employment.