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Established at the request of the tourism and service industry!
A historic school that continues to live up to deep trust.

“I would like to see a school that develops human resources who can play an active role immediately.”
It was over 50 years ago that Travel Journal Co., Ltd., which publishes a magazine specializing in tourism business, received such a request. We, Osaka Foreign Language, Hotel and Airline College, are a vocational school that was created in response to requests from the tourism and service industry. Our school will continue to produce excellent human resources as a top runner in the industry.

Message from the Principal

This industry that you are interested in is a gathering of people who aim to ``make customers happy and make themselves happy.'' From ``correct Japanese,'' ``fresh greetings,'' and ``dignified demeanor,'' to ``understand the customer's thoughts and make their requests come true'' and ``use language skills to expand their worldview and create new services that can be used around the world.'' "Providing safety to our customers in any situation"... They are described as "creators of excitement and safety" and "magicians who make customers smile," and it is also a world where their skills are competed as professionals.
Make the most of your role and live with pride. Our school cultivates this technique and determination. Faculty and staff serve as professional models for students, learning together with students and helping each individual develop their potential. We are proud to see so many of our graduates shine and contribute to the industry.

School Principal Naoki Takada

School Principal Naoki Takada

School philosophy

have a worldview,
Developing caring human resources

We value considerate smiles and warm responses. By creating an educational environment where students can grow while encouraging and supporting each other, we foster a rich spirit and contribute to building and developing relationships of trust with the industry.

Educational goals

  • Able to think and act from the other person's perspective
    hospitality education

    Students acquire the qualities and ability to ``think and act from the perspective of others'' through school life in general, lectures, exercises, practical training, training trips, and various events.

  • Can play an active role in the workplace
    Vocational practical education

    Through collaboration with companies, students will acquire the ability to be active in the workplace, a sound work outlook, specialized knowledge, and skills.

  • Improve your education throughout your life,
    Motivational education for self-development

    In order to adapt to changes in the times and environment and remain employed, acquire a lifelong attitude of self-learning.

  • Able to play a role in local and international society
    global education

    They will acquire the ability to reach mutual understanding with people who have different environments and values, and become human resources who can contribute to the development of the hospitality industry as a whole.


February 1973 Opened Travel Journal Institute of Travel (Tokyo Campus)
February 1973 Became a school recommended by the Japan Association of Travel Agents (no company)
February 1977 Became a school recommended by the Japan Association of Travel Agents (no company)
February 1981 Recommended school by Pacific Asia Tourism Association Japan Branch
February 1981 Opened Osaka Travel Journal Travel Academy (Osaka school)
February 1982 Became a school recommended by the Council of Foreign Government Tourist Offices in Japan
February 1986 Approved as a specialized training school by Osaka Prefecture and changed its name to Osaka Travel Journal Travel Vocational School
February 1986 Opened school in Seattle, USA
February 1991 Selected as a recommended school by the Overseas Hotel Association and the Japan Overseas Tour Operators Association
February 1993 Became a school recommended by the Japan Ryokan Association
February 1994 School name changed to Torajal Travel Hotel College
February 2000 (Public corporation) Became a support school for the Japan Bridal Culture Promotion Association
February 2002 Became a school recommended by the Japan Touring Service Association (no company)
February 2007 School name changed to Hospitality Tourism College Osaka
February 2011 Opened sister school, Osaka Bridal College
February 2013 Sister school Tokyo Bridal College opened
February 2018 Opened sister school, Osaka Hotel College
Sister school Osaka theme park dance specialty
school opening
February 2019 Opened Taipei school in Taiwan
July 2024 Hospitality and Tourism College Osaka changes its name to Osaka Railway and Tourism College
Osaka Hotel College changed its name to Osaka Foreign Language/Hotel/Airline College
Sister school Hospitality Tourism College changes name to Airline, Railway, Hotel and Theme Park College Tokyo
Recommendation/support group
Japan Travel Agents Association (JATA) Japan Overseas Tour Operators Association (OTOA)
Pacific Asia Tourism Association (PATA) National Association of Travel Agents (ANTA)
Japan Tour Tourist Service Association (TCSA) Association of Foreign Government Tourism Organizations in Japan (ANTOR-JAPAN)
Japan Bridal Culture Promotion Association (BIA) Japan Oceangoing Passenger Ship Association (JOPA)


Hiroshi Moriya
Chairman of Hospitality Gakuen Educational Corporation
Managing Director
Naoki Takada
Hospitality Academy Osaka Educational Affairs Department Director
Akio Ouchi
Director of Osaka Public Relations and General Affairs Headquarters, Hospitality Gakuen Educational Corporation
Chie Miyazaki
Director of Tokyo Educational Affairs Headquarters, Hospitality Gakuen Educational Corporation
Koichi Uchizono
Principal of Tokyo College of Airline, Railway, Hotel and Theme Parks
Principal of Tokyo Bridal College
(*Former Executive Vice President of All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.)
Kenji Iwase
Take and Give Needs Co., Ltd. President
Tadao Nishio
Airport Facility Co., Ltd. Representative Director and Executive Vice President
Nobuo Kishimoto
Former Managing Director of Hospitality Gakuen School Corporation
Masayuki Hiraka
Representative Partner, Johoku Tax Accountant Corporation
Tetsuya Ashida
Max Management Co., Ltd. Representative Director
Akira Ueda
Kintetsu Miyako Hotels Co., Ltd. Managing Director
Kenichiro Ochi
Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. Managing Executive Officer
Hideya Sadahasu
Imperial Hotel Co., Ltd. President
Atsuyo Shiomi
All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. Director and Executive Officer
Takashi Shimamura
yuanUSJ Limited Liability Company Executive Vice President CAO
Masaaki Sugai
Japan Travel Agency Association Senior Executive Director
Atsushi Takahashi
JR East View Tourism & Sales Co., Ltd. President
Kumiko Miyasaka
Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. Managing Executive Officer
Hiroaki Mohri
Hankyu Corporation Executive Officer
Hitomi Yamamoto
ANA Research Institute Co., Ltd. Executive vice-president
Masahiro Tsurukawa
ANA Narita Airport Service Co., Ltd. Executive Officer

(As of April 2024, 6)

hospitality group

Group Companies

  • Travel Journal Co., Ltd. (Tokyo)

    • ・Publishing Japan's oldest tourism business magazine "Weekly Travel Journal"
    • ・Operation of “Travel Journal Gateway”, a communication tool specialized in the travel industry

    English education for international students from Japan

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