What kind of school is OLHA? What kind of school is OLHA?

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overwhelming numbers

Employment rate 100%

Main employment offer results

  • The Ritz
    carlton hotel
  • Imperial Hotel
  • intercontinental
    Nental Hotels
  • hyatt hotels
  • Mirial Resort
  • Japan Airlines
  • All Nippon Airways
  • JAL Sky Osaka
  • ANA Osaka Airport
  • Sky mark
  • kinder kids
  • The Ginza

*Achievements since 2005

  • 01

    A school with an overwhelming history

    49,000 graduates

    Since the school opened in 1973, there have been 49,000 graduates. Leveraging the brand power of our school built by our seniors, our graduates support current students in a variety of settings, including classes, employment seminars, and internships.

  • 02

    Strong in teaching English!

    TOEIC®︎Highest score 960 points

    While studying abroad in the United States, he learned English there and used it on a daily basis, improving his score significantly every year before returning home. In the past, the score increased to 960 points!

  • 03

    Graduates flying around the world

    More than 500 people have found employment overseas since the school opened.

    Our school's network is not limited to Japan. There are also job openings from overseas, and the stage of success for graduates expands overseas.

  • 04

    For language study abroad, go to OLHA

    9 study abroad destinations to choose from

    In addition to Seattle, which is a study abroad destination eligible for our school's unique long-term study abroad system scholarship, there are a variety of other study abroad destinations (not eligible for scholarships). Let's go on a journey to understand yourself more deeply and expand your future possibilities through the experience of living in a different country!

There's more!

The charm of OHLA

  • Graduates work in over 30 countries

    Graduates find employment in more than 30 countries around the world. We are active globally!

  • Total number of job openings: 8,616 (March 2022)

    Because we have strong relationships of trust with the industry, we receive a large number of job openings every year. There are many companies that are popular among university students!

  • Number of full-time full-time instructors: 60

    Our school's full-time instructors have experience working in five-star hotels and prestigious hotels. A group of professionals from the industry will support you in tandem.

  • Tuition support up to 130 million yen

    Those eligible will receive support for a reduction of up to 130 million yen. We also support campus life in terms of tuition fees.

  • Admission fee 0 yen

    In order to reduce the burden of admission procedures and allow students to proceed to higher education, we do not charge an admission fee.

  • Up to 420 hours of paid corporate training

    Corporate internships where you can choose top-class hotels as your training destination. Gain on-site experience through an overwhelming amount of practical training time.

  • Kansai No. 1 class training room

    We are realistically recreating a hotel or inn inside the school building. Learn in the same environment as the actual production and develop professionalism.

  • 3-way triple support system

    Each student will be supported in a variety of ways by three people: a class teacher, a career consultant with national qualifications in charge of employment, and a buddy teacher who has taken counseling courses!

  • Study abroad in 10 countries

    You can choose from a variety of study abroad destinations depending on your goals, including Seattle, which is eligible for the long-term study abroad system scholarship.

  • Domestic study abroad practically 0 yen

    The participation fee for this program is included in the tuition fee, so there is no participation fee. You can learn learning methods to improve your English skills in one month.