International student hotel course Let's learn about Japanese hospitality!

For Japanese Language Proficiency Test N3 level

Being a hospice, you can become a professional.5One OfFeaturesspecial feature

The best hospitality in Japan

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  • Employment rate 100%

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Learning JapaneseJapanese school

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  • HotelCustomer service JapaneseSekyaku Nihongo

    HonorificKeigoAt hotels, including宿 泊Shukuhaku-Food and Beverage DepartmentRyoinbumon OfbasicbasicallyICustomer service Japanese expressionsSekyaku Nihongo HyogenThebodyBodyI'll put it on.

  • Preparation for job hunting documentsHow to prepare for the season

    beautifulwordTheResumeresume bookOrhiragana, katakana,漢字KanjiEtc.練習TrainingThen,job huntingExhaust foodToActiveThereI'll do it.

  • Japanese Language Proficiency Test PreparationJapanese study center

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  • front operation

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  • restaurant operations

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  • internship training

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StudentsRyugakusei OfmainMainlyICitizenshipKokuseki

all around the worldworld classからmanyOhKunoStudentsRyugakusei
At the hospiceLearningManaI'm on it!

  •  South Korea

    South KoreaKorea

  • Chugoku


  • Taiwan


  • Hong Kong

    Hong KongHonkon

  • Nepal


  • Myanmar


  • Vietnam


  • Indonesia


  • Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka

  • Bangladesh


  • United Kingdom

    United Kingdom

  • Mongolia


な ど


  • On-campus eventIs there a problem?also participated in the service skill contest.ParticipationShutsujoDid!

    VietnamBackgroundOrigin / StudentsRyugakuseiHotelBranchOr/ Mr. Ta Thi Tu
    (Where to workPreparation:SheratonMiyakoHotelOsakaOsaka)

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  • After graduationSotsu GyogoAlso as an OBLessonClassjuniorKouhaiAdvice!

    Born in koreaKankokushushin / airlineBranchOr / Park Nam Seok
    (Where to workPreparation : Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.Nihon Kokubushikisha

    Teachersteacher OfheatHotWith great support,

    Become a CADreamTheThe leavesWonderI got it!

    home countryMeI'm inWhenFromTeachersteacherand curriculumFulfillmentfull timeto what I'm doingCharmMiryokuThesenseCansJ-thisDedicated to pre-school and extra curricularSchoolI was aiming for
    Career counselingShinro Soudan,Interview PracticeMen's training, entry sheetCorrectionTensakuSuch,Teachersteacher OfFulfillmentfull timeThanks to the support I received, I became a CA.DreamI was able to make it come true.School lifeschool lifeThen,etc.Other OfSubjectdisappointed OffriendFriendsAlternating currentKoryucan alsootherThat was fine.
    DreamTheThe leavesWonderHospice is the place to go!

Annual tuition feeNenkangakuhiabout

StudentsRyugakusei OfHow TheTuition fee for allZeningakuhi reductionGengakuBecome

For all international studentsRyugakusei Zentaishō

International student tuition exemption systemRyugaku Seigaku Himenjo Seido

Regular annual tuition fee: 1,598,000 yen → Annual tuition fee for international students: 1,098,000 yen

Qualification ScholarshipShikakushu Toku Ginger

ProvisionCome OfJapanese qualificationJapanese styleOhholdAlsoChinoStudentsRyugakuseiIt is,
Tuition Tuition fee reductionGengakuWill be

  • eligibility criteriaShikukukijun

    Japanese language proficiency testJapanese language guide(JLPT) N1 or
    Japanese Admission ExaminationNihonryu Gakushiken(EJU) Japanese subjectsJapanese Kamoku280points or moreTenjo

  • Reduction and exemption amountGenmengaku

    Obtained before admission: 100,000 yen

    (Main schoolHonkou1Obtained while enrolled in the yearThe construction of the building 50,000JPYyen)

    ※ 3End of monthGulpuntilJapanese Language Proficiency Test Pass/Fail Results NotificationJapanese language guidePlease request a copy ofSubmissionthe finalWas doneHowonlyBe applicableLet's come.DetailsShosaiHaoaskThereTogetherAPlease let me.

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Course contentI don't want to worry about it,School lifeschool life,
StudentsRyugakuseiUnderstand the support!

6 / 15 (SatWhen)・7/21(Dayday)・8/31(SatWhen)・
9 / 29 (Dayday)・
10 / 14 (Congratulations/MondayShuku・Getsu)・11/9(SatWhen)・
11 / 24 (Dayday)・1/26(Dayday)・2/23(Dayday

open timeClassroom 12:30 ~ 16:00

Open campus for international students Open campus for international students

Aim for a further step up!Department transfer systemTenka Seido

1AnnualScrewAt N2AboveabnormalTheObtainShutoku officialThose wishing to change courseElectric powertrainabout,
interviewMensetsu OfApprovalUeshoninWhen done, 2AnnualScrewis a hotelBranchOrTransfer departmentTenkaToothJapaneseJapaneseLearningManaYou can

N2Aboveabnormal TheJapaneseJapaneseTummyin the same classLearningManaLet's go!