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A one-month short-term study abroad in Korea is also included in the tuition fee! !

  • Accommodation fee
  • +
  • Transportation cost
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  • Tuition

Short-term study abroad in Korea for about 1 month

Examples of study abroad destinations

Famous universities in Seoul
Sejong University

sejong university

1 week of study abroad period
Main schedule

Main schedule for one week during study abroad period

In addition to learning Korean,
Korean culture such as music, beauty, dance, etc.
You can enjoy it to the fullest!

Message from Teacher Anne

Message from Teacher Anne

Language is an essential means of communication. If you have enthusiasm and an open mind for global thinking, why not learn to understand and speak Korean? The efforts made during the two years at this school will become a great asset in life. We will do our best to support you so you can pursue your dreams and make choices you won't regret.

Learn what you like, make use of what you like,
Active in a wide range of fields!

There are plenty of classes to learn about Korean culture, and you'll love Korea even more during these two years.
On a short-term study abroad program of about one month, you can experience the charm of Korea in its entirety.
Our school provides full support for your career path after graduation. Utilizing your language skills will open up a variety of career paths for you, including employment and university transfer.

The career path you want to pursue

  • Tourism industry
  • sales, service
  • trading company, manufacturer
  • Clothes
  • university transfer
  • Employment overseas

な ど

Newly established! Korean language training room!

Training roomFully equipped training room

A pop classroom full of Korean cuteness!
Let's learn a lot while experiencing Korea!

A place visited by many Korean tourists!

At Rusutsu Resort in Hokkaido

InternshipHokkaido internship

Practice the Korean you learned!
Hospitality at a resort hotel!

After the short-term study abroad, students will participate in an internship for about one month at Rusutsu Resort Hotel in Hokkaido, a resort area that many Koreans visit every year during their summer vacation.No accommodation costs required, and transportation costs up to 4 yen subsidized!On holidays, you can experience a variety of activities and nature experiences set in Hokkaido's great outdoors, as well as the amusement park and magnificent golf course adjacent to the hotel. Plus, it's a paid internship, so you'll get paid too! You can also learn about hotel hospitality while making use of the Korean you have learned.

Language skillsAcquire useful language skills

In recent years, South Korea has been actively engaged in cultural and economic exchanges with Japan, centered on music and drama. At our school, you will experience authentic Korean language and culture through regular classes and a short-term language study abroad program of about one month, and deepen your understanding of other cultures. We aim to become human resources who can play an active role globally as a bridge between Japan and Korea.

  • Korean from basic to advanced
    Learn well

  • Tailored to each individual due to small group size
    Provide thorough support

  • To learn English too
    It is possible to obtain W in foreign language.

PICKUP class

  • Korean Language Proficiency Test (TOPIK) preparation

    Korean Language Proficiency Test (TOPIK) preparation

    Learn the basics such as vocabulary and parts of speech necessary to pass the exam. We will strengthen your grammar and vocabulary so that you can write intermediate-level essays.

  • korean communication

    korean communication

    Enhance your Korean conversation skills through practical role-playing and group work.

Korean language target level


Through studying at our school, we aim to obtain Level 4 of the Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK).
This level is necessary for transferring to a local university, and once you obtain it, you can be active in a wide range of fields within Japan.

Goal: After obtaining TOPIK level 4, use Korean to get a job in Japan / transfer to an overseas university or do an overseas internship

6 class Use Korean fluently in business situations
5 class You can use Korean in business situations
4 class I can understand Korean news and TV to some extent.
Level required for admission to local universities
3 class You can live your daily life without any problems in Korean
2 class Can use public institutions such as banks
1 class Easily use the Korean language necessary for daily life

human strengthcultivate human power

  • Not just pop culture
    history etc.
    By learning,
    Deepen your understanding of Korean culture

  • presentation and
    discussions etc.
    improve communication skills

  • Taking advantage of language skills
    Develop a sense of work through corporate training.

PICKUP class

  • Japanese-Korean cultural research

    Japanese-Korean cultural research

    Focusing on pop culture such as dramas, movies, and K-POP, students will deepen their knowledge and understanding of Korean culture. Students will also gain knowledge by understanding the history and origins of Korean culture.

  • Business presentation (BTS)

    Business presentation (BTS)

    Learn the presentation skills necessary for working adults. Because you plan your presentation as a team, you can improve your teamwork and independence.

  • event planning

    event planning

    We plan and prepare for events jointly held by the Department of Foreign Studies. We deepen our understanding of different cultures through international exchange and cultural experiences.


In addition to acquiring language skills,
Developing human resources who can understand different cultures

Pop culture is popular in South Korea, but it is also a country that values ​​history and tradition. In particular, respect for others and civility are extremely important. Through the two years of classes, you will refine not only your language skills but also your mind, and acquire the ability to treat different cultures with respect.

ProfessorProud instructors

We offer classes that focus on "usable language skills"!
By providing detailed guidance tailored to each individual's level, we will guide you to the highest level and support you in expanding your future possibilities.

  • Professor Yasu Hyo-Sen

    Completed the Korean language teacher qualification course in South Korea. After coming to Japan, she had 15 years of experience teaching Korean at the Korean Consulate Cultural Institute and vocational school. Aiming to educate ``Living & Usable Korean'' as a cultural approach and communication learning method that can be used in the workplace, students will have many opportunities to speak the Korean they have learned, including not only the basics but also role-plays and student-centered assignment classes. We are developing classes.

View of professionCultivate a future career outlook

Leaving school for an internship,
Experience work at a company!

Utilizing the Korean language acquired through classes and studying abroad, students will conduct corporate training (internships) at hotels, tourist facilities, etc.
I can imagine a future where I actually work using Korean.

  • Merit.1

    While working at various companies
    learn korean

  • Merit.2

    Top companies offer training!
    Gain experience

  • Merit.3

    what I want to do

RouteCareer after graduation

He is active in various workplaces using his Korean language.
Tailored to each person's desired career path
We provide thorough employment support.

Tourism industry/Sales/Service/Trading company/Manufacturer/Apparel/University transfer/Overseas employment

And many others