“Osaka Foreign Language, Hotel and Airline College” will be established in April 2024

For the past 49 years, Travel Journal Gakuen has sent out many talented people to the industry.


As we celebrate our 50th anniversary, Osaka Hotel College and Hospitality and Tourism College Osaka (sister schools) will be reborn from April 2024 in order to develop the human resources that will be needed by the industry in the future.


【Change before】

■Osaka Hotel College
Hotel Department/Overseas Career Department


■Hospitality Tourism College Osaka
Railway Service Department/Travel Department/Airline Department


[After change] School name changed from April 2024

■Osaka Foreign Language/Hotel/Airline College

Hotel Department/Airline Department/[Newly established] Foreign Language Department (English Department, Chinese Department, Korean Department)


■Osaka Railway and Tourism College

Railway Department/Tourism Department


*The name of the current Railway Service Department will be changed to "Railway Department"
*The current name of the Department of Travel will be changed to the Department of Tourism.


Incidentally,The school information pamphlet for April 2024 enrollees isScheduled for completion around February 2023.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Admissions Counseling Office below.


All of our faculty and staff are looking forward to the day when we can meet you.


Travel Journal Gakuen Admissions Counseling Office

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