AO application starts from September 9st! ! AO entry is still in time!

Acceptance of applications for AO admission selection starts on Friday, September XNUMXst!


Can you cut out the application form from the application guidelines and use it?
Entrance examination/tuition fees pageYou can also download it from


For detailed application documents
Please check P5 of the application guidelines.


You can either mail it in or bring it to school.
(For mailing, please use simple registered mail or letter pack light.)


AO entries are still being accepted.
The deadline for entries where the tuition fee will be reduced by 10 yen is[September 9th]Must arrive!


For third-year high school students who are about to start their career path
"September 9th (Sun) Career Support Open Campus"will be held♪
Parents are also welcome to participate.



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For questions regarding AO entry/application, please contact official LINE or
Please contact our toll-free number (0120-550861).