\It's finally starting! /AO seminars can now be viewed online!

Entries for the AO entrance exam have started for students entering in April 2025! !

We are already receiving entries one after another♪


I'm thinking about applying for AO admissions.

For those who have not yet attended the AO seminar,

AO Seminars are now available to watch online!


It's very easy to watch♪

Register as a friend on our school's official LINE,

 AO Seminar 2025 Just send it!


For those who are too busy to attend, or those who live far away and find it difficult to come to school.

You can easily watch it anytime at home, so please take advantage of it!


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\This is recommended for the AO entrance exam! /

■Tuition fees will be reduced by 10 yen if you enter early!

■You can apply for a scholarship that will reduce your tuition fees by up to 100 million yen!

■You can participate in special events where you can make friends before entering school!

■You can have a fulfilling high school life because you can decide your career path quickly!

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Get AO entry qualifications by participating in open campuses, various events, and individual consultations!


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