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The "Privacy Policy (Personal Information Protection Policy)" of this site (Osaka Foreign Language, Hotel and Airline College's website) This shall apply when using services such as content provided by the school. This privacy policy does not apply to sites other than this site, or to companies or people not affiliated with us.

  • About the purpose of use of personal information

    When the users of this site are viewing this site, the IP address obtained from the browser and the information about the pages viewed are recorded as a server log (history), but the purpose is , is limited to the following three:

    • To make the configuration and design of the page you are viewing better for everyone in terms of convenience.
    • To provide information that is more satisfying for everyone.
    • To provide you with information about our school, including special events.
  • How do we protect your information?

    We do not sell or rent personally identifiable information about users of this site to third parties.However, as an exception, we may provide it to a third party in the following cases. It is recorded as (history), but its purpose is limited to the following three.

    • When there is consent to share information between the person using this site and us.
    • When it is necessary to provide services desired by those who use this site.
    • To achieve a purpose for which consent has been obtained from the user.
    • When disclosure of personal information is requested by a legal order, etc.
  • To the privacy policy
    About the revision

    The content of these regulations may be revised in accordance with the enactment or revision of related laws and regulations. It is recorded as (history), but its purpose is limited to the following three.

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