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  • Tuition installment payment system

    Significant reduction in expenses required at the time of admission
    Realize the dream of going on to higher education because it can be reduced!

    This is our school's unique tuition support system that uses Japan Student Services Organization scholarships.
    In addition to paying tuition fees in one lump sum or in two installments, you can also use the tuition installment payment system.

    Eligible persons

    of the Japan Student Services OrganizationPersons who have decided to reserve the type XNUMX loan type scholarship (interest-bearing)So, the scholarshipThose whose total monthly loan amount is 12 yen or moreLimited to

    • *If the total amount of the first type scholarship and second type scholarship is 12 yen or more, you will be eligible.
    • *Please note that benefit-type scholarships and Type XNUMX scholarships will be co-adjusted (the monthly amount of Type XNUMX scholarships will be reduced).

    Installment payment system Breakdown of paid tuition

    At the time of admission procedure 388,000JPY(Annual equipment cost 302,000JPY + Partial tuition fee 86,000JPY
    Tuition fee (1st year) Of the annual tuition fee
    1,210,000 yen → monthly fee110,000JPY×11 times


    • *The payment deadline for promotion is the end of February of the first year.