Various scholarships/
Education Loan/Benefits

  • Japan Student Services Organization Scholarship
    (loan-type scholarship)

    It is possible to apply for the loan-type scholarship system of the Japan Student Services Organization.Please refer to the table below for scholarship details.You can apply while still in high school, so please check the details at your high school.Repayment starts 7 months after the end of the loan.At the end of the loan period, a fixed amount will be deducted each month from the account registered according to the refund method (income-linked refund method, fixed amount refund method).However, if you choose the income-linked repayment method for the first-class scholarship, the monthly repayment amount will be reviewed every year.

    Eligible persons

    "Category XNUMX Scholarship" is for excellent students, etc. who are recognized as having significant financial difficulties in their studies.Specifically, those who meet the lending criteria (scholastic ability, household budget, personality). The same is true for Type XNUMX Scholarships, but the lending standards are looser than Type XNUMX.

    Classification Household composition Annual income for salaried households (upper limit)
    First class Type XNUMX
    3 person household himself, father, mother 706 10,000 yen 1,043 10,000 yen
    4 person household The person, father, mother, high school student 784 10,000 yen 1,127 10,000 yen
    5 person household The person, father, mother, high school student, junior high school student 998 10,000 yen 1,376 10,000 yen

    Loan-type scholarship

    Type 1 (interest-free)Type 2 (interest-bearing)
    Monthly amount<br>
    Born at home
    20,000 ~ 53,000 circle
    20,000 yen ~ 120,000 yenSelect from amounts in units of 1 yen up to
    out of home
    20,000 yen ~ 60,000 yen
    interest Interest-freeInterest-bearing (within 3% annual interest rate)
  • Higher Education Support System
    [Benefit-type scholarship] + [Tuition fee reduction]

    Our school is eligible for the new system of support for higher education (grant-type scholarships).

    Eligible persons

    This is a government support system that supports students who have financial difficulties in studying. If you meet the eligibility conditions, you will be able to receive both of the two types of support: ① a grant-type scholarship with no obligation to repay, and ② a reduction in tuition fees. You can apply for a grant-type scholarship while attending high school, so please check with your high school for details. If you meet the eligibility conditions, you can receive support for the second year as well.
    *Can be used in conjunction with Japan Student Services Organization's loan-type scholarship.

    Eligible for support
    School type
    Vocational schools, junior colleges, and technical colleges
    Support details ① Payment of benefit-type scholarships with no obligation to repay
    ②Reduction of tuition fees
    Students eligible for support ・Students from households exempt from resident tax or similar households
    ・Students from households with three or more dependent children (multi-child households)

    Estimated income/income

    Income standards are set based on income and income-based tax standards, so they vary depending on household composition, insurance premium payment status, etc. The approximate support classification is as shown in the table below.
    *Multi-child households: ~600 million yen or less

    Support category Estimated annual income
    (In case of a household of 1 people: parents (one person is a salaried income earner, one person is non-income earner), the applicant, and a high school student)
    Category I ~ Approximately 295 million yen (tax-exempt household)
    Category II ~ Approximately 395 million yen (households equivalent to tax-exempt households)
    Category III ~ Approximately 461 million yen (households equivalent to tax-exempt households)
    Section IV ~ Approx. 600 million yen (support for large families with 3 or more children)
    • *Due to screening, not all applicants will be eligible.
    • *Estimated annual income varies depending on the family composition. For more information, please refer to the Japan Student Services Organization website.
    • *You can roughly check the ``income standards'' on the ``Advancement Fund Simulator'' posted on the website of the Japan Institute for Graduate Education.
    • *Starting in the 7 academic year, tuition fees will be free for large families. For details, please see the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology website.

    Payment amount and reduction target

    This system consists of two components: (2) payment of a grant-type scholarship and (XNUMX) tuition fee reduction.

    Benefit type scholarship amount (monthly amount)

    As a benefit-type scholarship that does not need to be paid back, a fixed amount will be transferred to an account in your name every month. As a general rule, the amount (monthly amount) shown in the table below, which is determined by the type of school commuting, will be transferred to the designated account every month, depending on the classification based on the amount of income.

    Category I Category II Category III Section IV
    Home school (monthly) 38,300JPY 25,600JPY 12,800JPY 9,600JPY
    Commuting away from home (monthly) 75,800JPY 50,600JPY 25,300JPY 19,000JPY

    Tuition fee reduction/exemption amount (annual amount)

    Of the annual tuition fees, the amount of support will be reduced from the tuition fee according to the support category. The amount (annual amount) in the table below will be reduced from our school's annual tuition fee according to the classification based on income amount.

    Category I Category II Category III Section IV
    590,000JPY 393,400JPY 196,700JPY 147,500JPY

    Recruitment etc.

    [Reservation recruitment]
    before admission
    Reserve a seat
    You can apply at the high school you are attending before entering school.The application period differs depending on the school, so please check with the high school you are (was) enrolled in.

    ■Students who have passed or are planning to take the high school graduation level certification exam
    Please apply directly to the Japan Student Services Organization. TEL 03-6743-6037
    [Student Recruitment]
    Main school
    After admission
    Reserve a seat
    You can apply at our school after admission.Those who apply after admission and are awarded the scholarship will start receiving benefits from June. Payments for April and May will be made in June.
    However, if you want to use the tuition installment payment system, you must apply while in high school.
  • Japan Student Services Organization (loan-type scholarship) and
    Higher education study support new system
    (Benefit-type Scholarship) Flow

    • STEP 01

      Check the website of the Japan Student Services Organization to see if you are eligible for the system.

      Advancement fund simulator
    • STEP 02

      If you think you might be eligible, get the relevant documents from your high school, consult with your high school teacher, and apply online to the Japan Student Services Organization. (Application for Reservation Adoption)
      It is necessary to submit the My Number of the examinee and his or her guardian.Get ready early.

    • STEP 03

      The Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) will notify high schools of the screening results.

    • STEP 04

      After entering the school, submit a notification of admission.The first transfer of the scholarship will be after May.

    • *Quoted from Japan Student Services Organization
    • *Official financial support is subject to change, so please check the Japan Student Services Organization and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology website for details.
  • Other education loans

    For details, please contact the following organizations directly.

    Japan Finance Corporation (national education loan)

    条件 As a general rule, the applicant is the student's guardian. Household income for the previous year must be 790 million yen or less (600 million yen or less for business income earners)
    Loan amount Within 350 yen
    Repayment period Within 15 years (within 18 years for families with orphaned children or single-parent families)
    loan interest rate 1.95% per annum
    *1.55% for those who fall under the preferential treatment system depending on their family situation, such as "two-parent family" or "two-parent family" (as of November 2023)
    Contact Education loan call center 0570-008656

    *Loan interest rates may change depending on economic conditions.

  • Our school's own affiliated education loan

    Affiliated loan company Orient Corporation Co., Ltd.
    real annual interest rate 4.0% (as of November 2023)
    Contact Orient Corporation: 0120-517-325