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Tuition support

  • AO Scholarship / Designated School Scholarship

    Take the entrance examination through AO entrance examination or designated school recommendation entrance examination,
    If you pass, the tuition fee will be reduced by 10 yen.

    *AO scholarship is available to successful applicants up to the 10th attempt. It is not applicable after the 11th time.

  • AO Challenge Scholarship (up to 100 million yen)

    Reduced tuition fee of 100 to 30 yen!
    30 people have a chance!

    This is a system that reduces tuition fees for talented people who are expected to play an active role in the railway and bridal industries in the future. Applicants are those who have been approved for AO application up to the 6th time and are applying exclusively to our school.

    This is a system that evaluates self-expression ability, which is important for job hunting, and selects students who want to be a model for current students after admission.You will be asked to give a presentation on how you would like to utilize your experience and special skills so far in your student life after admission.Please talk passionately about your dreams and thoughts for the future.If you would like to take the exam, please check "I would like to" in the AO Challenge Scholarship Examination column on the entry sheet and enter.

    Selection method

    Presentation type interview within 5 minutes
    [Theme] Self-promotion and how to utilize it for the future

    * Details will be announced on the open canvas.

    Exemption amount

    Phase 100 S: 50 million yen A: 30 yen B: XNUMX yen
    Phase 50 A: 30 yen B: XNUMX yen

    *The above amount is reduced from the 1st year tuition fee

    Selection date and recruitment capacity

    From 1st to 3rd
    AO application authorized person
    From 4st to 6rd
    AO application authorized person
    Selection date 7/26 8/20
    Date of notification of results 8/9 9/6
    Capacity 21 or less 10 or less

    *This is the total capacity of the Osaka College of Foreign Languages, Hotel and Airline, Osaka Railway and Tourism College, Osaka Bridal College, and Osaka Theme Park and Dance College.

  • Scholarship for scholarship students

    Reduce tuition fees by up to 100 million yen!

    All applicants are eligible for admission screening, excluding those who passed the AO Challenge Scholarship. Depending on the result of the written test, the tuition fee will be reduced by up to 100 million yen.If you wish to take the exam, please mark ☑ next to "desired" in the scholarship examination column for scholarship students on your application form.

    Selection method

    ①Written test 40 minutes
    ②Document examination

    • *Selection will be made through a written test at the school. You cannot retake the exam.
    • *Cannot be used in conjunction with AO Challenge Scholarship or English Qualification Scholarship.

    Exemption amount

    Special student S 1,000,000JPY
    Scholarship student A 500,000JPY
    Special student B 200,000JPY


    1st/3rd 40 or less
    Part7 5 or less
    Part12 5 or less
    Total 50 people

    *This is the capacity for Osaka Railway and Tourism College, Osaka Foreign Language, Hotel and Airline College, Osaka Bridal College, and Osaka Theme Park and Dance College.

  • English qualification scholarship

    If you are good at English, get a qualification
    You can save up to 20 yen from your tuition fees!

    Based on the policy of "cultivating internationally minded people" aimed at by this school, the tuition fee will be reduced by up to 20 yen for those who have acquired the prescribed English qualifications before entering the school.
    *Students who pass the special scholarship are not eligible for the English qualification scholarship.

    eligibility criteria

    Standard Scholarships
    Practical English Proficiency Test Level 2 or higher, TOEIC® 500 or higher, United Nations Eiken Grade B,
    Eiken S-CBT level 2 or higher, TOEFL® 50 points or higher, GTEC® 880 points or higher
    Practical English Proficiency Test Level 2 or above or TOEIC® 450 points or above,
    Eiken S-CBT Pre-2 grade or above, GTEC® 510 points or above

    *Other language qualifications may also be applicable, so please contact us.

    Application method

    At the time of application Please tick ☑ the "scholarship for acquiring English qualification" on the application form and enclose a copy of your certificate or score sheet.
    After filing If the certificate is obtained after application and before admission to our school (including grades 2 to 2), please contact the admissions office (06-6447-0051) Please contact us. Applicable only to those who have submitted a copy of their passing certificate or score sheet by March 3th (Friday).
  • Long-term study abroad system scholarship (61.8 yen)

    Using this system,
    Long-term study abroad is possible with tuition fee of 98 yen!

    Based on our school's aim of nurturing international people, we will offer the "Long-term Study Abroad System Scholarship (capacity 2025 people)" to students who will enter our school in April 4 and will take advantage of the long-term study abroad system in Seattle, USA. As a result, tuition fees for studying abroad will be reduced by 100 yen.

    • *Please check the long-term study abroad system column on the application form.
    • *Separate expenses (travel expenses, homestay expenses, etc.) are required in addition to tuition fees.
    • *The number of students is the total number of students at both Tokyo and Osaka schools.
  • Family recommendation admission scholarship

    If the applicant's parents or siblings are graduates of our school, the facility and equipment fee (30 yen) will be exempted for two years.Please tick ☑ the “Family Recommendation Admission Scholarship” on the application form and enclose various support system application forms.
    First year:302,000JPY
    First year:302,000JPY
    *Used in 2021: 15 people

    • *Please note that this applies only to applications submitted at the time of application.
    • *Long-term Study Abroad Scholarship users are eligible for two years, excluding the study abroad period.