Study abroad system STUDY ABROAD

A magical experience that changes you

Learning, living, and playing are all packed together.
Language study abroad at our school

Our school's original study abroad system is full of "magical experiences" that will change your life.
Our school offers two programs: ``Study Abroad,'' an original system that has been around for many years, and ``Study Abroad in Japan,'' a program that focuses on learning English.
By taking both courses, you will definitely be able to speak English. You can become a person who can play an active role in the world.
We would like to introduce our school's study abroad system where you can meet a new self.

Further improve your English skills and expand your possibilities

Full participationStudy abroadENGLISH CAMP IN GOTEMBA

This is our school's unique educational program that helps you improve your English skills from an early stage. Studying abroad in Japan is a one-month short-term intensive program! We will intensively improve our English skills with the participation of all students.

A variety of study abroad destinations to choose from depending on your goals

Those who wish to participateStudy abroadSTUDY ABROAD PROGRAM

After studying the basics and preparing thoroughly during the first year of admission, I finally went abroad, which was my dream! You can study abroad in various countries, including Seattle, which is eligible for our school's unique long-term study abroad program scholarship.

sandwich study abroad

Follow up thoroughly before and after studying abroad!
Our school's original, from admission to graduation
Study abroad system with a focus on

Study abroad preparation / Study abroad / Job hunting

A study abroad program between the first and second years. This is our school's unique "sandwich study abroad" system. Before studying abroad, prepare thoroughly in Japan for a year, and go abroad in the best possible condition. After returning to your home country, you will be able to utilize the language skills you have acquired as an advantage in your job search.

Flow from admission to graduation

  • 1st yearStudy abroad measures

    In addition to regular classes, we will conduct a study abroad preparation course.You will learn the language necessary for life in your study abroad destination and acquire the mindset to speak before departure.

  • 2st yearStudy abroad

    In addition to English and Chinese-only classes held in level-based classes, we have a double support system in which Japanese instructors conduct follow-up classes in their own classes, ensuring that students improve their language skills.

  • 3st yearjob hunting

    You can start your job hunting by making use of the language skills you have acquired, and we also provide full support for preparing English resumes and English interviews.

  • After graduation

    Employment / Overseas internship / University transfer

A variety of study abroad destinations to choose fromABROAD DESTINATION