A variety of study abroad destinations to choose from depending on your goals

Including Seattle, which is a study abroad destination eligible for our school's unique long-term study abroad program scholarship,
Check out a variety of other study abroad destinations (not eligible for scholarships)!


  • 10 months
  • Scholarship eligible

Seattle, located on the northern west coast of the United States, is the largest city in Washington State, surrounded by the Sea, lakes, and forests. You can experience the best study abroad experience while feeling close to nature.

Key points for studying abroad in Seattle

  • POINT01

    Lecturer x Japanese
    W support

  • POINT02

    Long-term study abroad
    system scholarship

  • POINT03

    Our school staff
    24 hours

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  • 8 months
  • Not eligible for scholarships

Hawaii is a world-class resort located in the center of the Pacific Ocean. International students can experience life abroad in a familiar and comfortable environment.

Key points for studying abroad in Hawaii

  • POINT01

    popular resort
    Have fun on the ground

  • POINT02

    at a local university
    Tourism industry too
    can learn

  • POINT03

    in the summer and fall semesters
    Can participate

Not eligible for scholarshipsVarious other study abroad destinations

We also offer individual study abroad programs tailored to your goals.
The period varies depending on the study abroad destination.

  • AmericaAmerica

    ニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク

    There are plenty of activities outside of school, such as seeing Broadway shows and visiting museums.

  • AustraliaAustralia


    Australia's second city ranked number 1 in the world's most livable city rankings

  • United KingdomUnited Kingdom


    Emphasis on homestay. If you want to experience the traditional country of England, this is the place!

  • CanadaCanada


    An international cultural city rich in nature and where people of various nationalities gather

  • TaiwanTaiwan


    Taiwan is a safe country with many people who are pro-Japanese. Learn Chinese in Taipei, a city where traditional streets coexist with cutting-edge trends

  • MaltaMalta

    St. Julian's

    A popular resort destination for Europeans! Study hard in a lively port town

  • New ZealandNew Zealand


    High-quality education and a fulfilling campus life only possible at a traditional school

  • IrelandIreland


    A calm location with a canal flowing in front of you.A comfortable and well-equipped school

Voices of students who have studied abroad

  • Interactions deepened at the host's home
    My “second family” that I met in America

    Nao Hokimoto[Osaka school] Hotel department
    Okayama Joto High School (Okayama Prefecture)

    I improved my English skills through daily conversations with my host family. I also tried my own way through trial and error to build a good relationship. Through studying abroad, I not only improved my English skills, but I also acquired the mental strength to be able to overcome problems even when I couldn't communicate using words.I believe this was because I was able to find my own way to communicate. As I talked with my host family, I got to know them and was able to relax and feel like I was at home. In November, I traveled to Great Wolf Lodge with my host, who I have become so close to as my second family. Having fun wearing matching T-shirts with my host sister was an unforgettable memory. It was really great to be able to spend time with such a wonderful, cheerful and energetic family that my host could say was ``the best in the world!''

  • interact with host families
    Experience a different culture firsthand
    Take a shortcut towards your dreams

    Aoi Someno[Tokyo School] Airline Department
    Cabin attendant course
    Fujimori High School (Tokyo)

    I decided to study abroad in order to become the cool person who can speak English, which I had dreamed of since I was a child. When I first arrived, my English wasn't very good and I was worried about how to get closer to my host family. One day, my host mother invited me to make kimchi because I love spicy food. After that, we started cooking various dishes together, and before I knew it, I had become like a real grandmother. Also, in my case, my host family was Christian, so I deepened my understanding of the culture by going to church with them every week and praying to God before meals. By studying abroad, you will acquire language skills and understanding of different cultures, both of which are important for communication. That's why for people who want to work while interacting with people from other countries, a homestay should be the shortest route.