Study abroadGotemba English Camp

further improve your English skills,
Expand your possibilities.

Our school's unique educational program aims to strengthen the English skills required by the industry from an early stage.
You can intensively improve your English skills in one month.
After one month, you will gain confidence in your English speaking speed and listening skills.
Expand your future possibilities at our school's new facility, surrounded by Mt. Fuji and magnificent nature!

Participation fees, accommodation, round-trip transportation, and meals (XNUMX meals per weekday) are included in the tuition fee. 

5 points for studying abroad in Japan

It's okay if you're not good at English!
Aim to steadily improve your English conversation skills
There is an environment.

  • POINT01

    No participation fee

    The participation fee for this program is included in the tuition fee, so there is no participation fee. You can feel at ease with three nutritionally balanced meals (weekdays).

  • POINT02

    intensive learning environment

    Our school's exclusive facility is equipped with equipment and an environment that will help improve English skills, and is a facility where students can engage in high-quality learning.

  • POINT03

    foreign lecturer
    You can learn from!

  • POINT04

    By level
    small class

  • POINT05

    ability is

Classes specializing in English conversation skills

Emphasis on “Speaking” and “Listening”
Classes unique to studying abroad in Japan

  • GROUP LESSON 01 - 03

    Daily EnglishEveryday English conversation

    Focus on speaking and listening,
    Aim to improve your English conversation skills.

  • GROUP LESSON 04 - 05

    English for TravelingTraveling English conversation

    For scenes you visit when traveling
    Learn focused English conversation

    *A separate discussion class will be held for advanced classes.