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English/KoreanDepartment of Foreign Languages

Many graduates are working in various fields by making use of their English and Korean skills.
By acquiring language skills, you can expand your career opportunities not only in Japan but also overseas.
Our school has extensive preparations for finding employment overseas, and we will do our best to support you in making your dreams come true.

  • Armed with the English skills I acquired while studying abroad,
    I enjoy interacting with children every day.

    I am a class teacher for 2-year-old children at an international school. I try to have fun interacting with children based on the motto that I learned while attending school: ``Enjoy everything to the fullest every day.'' By doing so, we are able to deepen our communication and feel that the children are growing. Studying abroad was an irreplaceable experience in my life because it led me to a path where I could use English to interact with the children I love.

    Jobs that make use of English

    Kinder Kids Co., Ltd./Nursery staff

    Ayane Mori San

    Graduation in 2022 / Kadoma Namihaya High School (Osaka Prefecture)

  • Something that will make you feel special.
    We aim to provide deep hospitality.

    Since we will be with our customers for up to 14 days, we will always be on the lookout for any customers who are in trouble, and we will remember what we say and say hello to them the next time we see them. I'm trying to do it. The expressiveness and hospitality spirit I acquired while attending school are also utilized in my communication with customers. I work in a workplace where I can build relationships of trust like family with staff from over 50 countries, and I find it fun and rewarding every day.

    Jobs that make use of English

    Disney Cruise Line/Restaurant Staff

    Chika Yamamoto San

    Graduated in 2017 / Jonan Shiso High School (Kyoto Prefecture)

  • Being exposed to diverse cultures and values
    It is fulfilling.

    As a guest relations host, I provide a variety of customer support such as check-in, reservations, inquiries, and surprise planning. During my time at university, one of my most memorable experiences was studying abroad. By meeting people and seeing other worlds, my sense of values ​​has changed significantly. Because I was able to learn English well, I am able to communicate smoothly with customers in my current job, and I enjoy every day of my life, finding satisfaction in hearing the words "thank you."

    Jobs that make use of English

    Constance Halaveli Maldives/
    guest relations host

    Sachika Hisada San

    Graduated in 2016 / Yawata Commercial High School (Shiga Prefecture)

  • Through daily customer service
    I realize the importance of English.

    We provide counseling and sales to customers purchasing Shiseido cosmetics. We have a large number of customers who come from overseas, and by doing everything from counseling to seeing them off in English, we are able to receive positive feedback about changes in their skin and makeup. When I hear comments like, "I'm really glad we have staff who can speak English. Thank you," I feel it's rewarding and I'm glad I studied English. Our goal is to continue to be even more active globally in order to convey the goodness of Shiseido and Japan to all our customers both domestically and internationally.

    Jobs that make use of English

    The Ginza Co., Ltd. (SHISEIDO THE STORE)/
    personal beauty partner

    Minori Matsuda San

    Graduated in 2020 / Sazawa High School (Yamagata Prefecture)

HotelHotel Course

From 5-star hotels used by VIPs to new style hotels
Introducing professional seniors who are active in a wide range of genres.

  • proudly and confidently
    We will guide you to a first-class space.

    I am in charge of picking up and dropping off customers, guiding their cars, and providing valet service to take their cars to the parking lot. As the first member of staff to guide you to a "first-class space," we respond with dignity and confidence. The real pleasure of this job is the moment when we welcome customers and open the door.

    The Ritz-Carlton Osaka / Doorperson

    Koji Osaka San

    Graduated in 2014 / Higashiosaka Municipal Nissin High School (Osaka Prefecture)

  • Thinking about our customers,
    The highest level of "hospitality".

    The appeal of working at a hotel is to make customers happy by saying "thank you" to them by acting with consideration and consideration for them. As front desk staff, I try to understand the needs of customers through conversations with them and take actions that will satisfy them. We would like to continue to grow so that we can provide the highest level of "hospitality".

    Nippon Hotel Co., Ltd. Tokyo Station Hotel /
    Front staff

    Miwa Ishiwata San

    Graduated in 2016 /
    Urawa Minami High School (Saitama Prefecture)

  • Words of gratitude from customers
    Smiling is the most rewarding thing.

    In keeping with the unique atmosphere of W Osaka, we strive to provide services that are even closer to our customers. While attending school, I was able to learn from instructors from the industry in real-life practical labs, which I still use in many situations today. In the future, my goal is to gain a variety of experiences and work on self-improvement, such as acquiring qualifications, to become a hotel staff member who is trusted by both customers and colleagues.

    W Osaka/Restaurant staff

    Kengo Goto San

    Graduating in 2021 / Ichikawa High School (Hyogo Prefecture)

  • according to customer needs
    We are committed to providing service.

    As food and beverage staff, I am in charge of various industries such as dinner, bar, and restaurant reception. What I learned in class while attending school is useful in the field, but I was able to learn more about the types of hotels, affiliates, and groups, which enabled me to have more lively conversations with customers who were knowledgeable about hotels, and enjoy serving customers. I have been able to do that. From now on, I would like to put even more effort into not only improving our services and technology, but also educating our juniors.

    Swissôtel Nankai Osaka / Bartender

    Yui Tsuri San

    Graduated in 2018 / Tomioka Nishi High School (Tokushima Prefecture)

  • At the inn of your dreams
    Hospitality for customers.

    I have always dreamed of working at an inn, so the wide-ranging curriculum was very appealing to me. Through practical training, I was able to acquire customer service skills that are unique to a ryokan, such as etiquette in a Japanese-style room. I was also able to learn about working in hotels and bars, which expanded the range of services I could provide.

    Arima Grand Hotel / Nakai

    Itsuki Watanabe San

    Graduated in 2019 / Tamano High School (Okayama Prefecture)

  • my actions
    Leading to customer satisfaction.

    As a guest service staff member, I am responsible for arranging taxis and seeing off guests according to their requests. While we are waiting for a taxi together at the entrance, we ask them about their destination and their plans for the day and send them off.When they return, we ask them, ``How was your plan?Did you have fun?'' When I do this, I receive comments such as ``That was great! It was fun!'' and ``Thank you for arranging the taxi.'' I feel it's rewarding to be able to make customers happy with my work and actions.

    Park Hyatt Kyoto/Guest Services

    Kohei Kamijo San

    Graduated in 2023 / Naniwa High School (Osaka Prefecture)

AirlineAirline Course

Introducing graduates who are active as cabin attendants and ground staff.

  • Meeting with customers,
    We value the gratitude of our colleagues.

    As a flight attendant, I am attracted to the ability to work closely with each individual and think about and create flights that satisfy our customers. Additionally, as a unit chief, I am also involved in training junior staff, and I find it rewarding that the growth of junior staff also leads to my own growth. Many of our customers are once-in-a-lifetime encounters, so we always cherish our gratitude to all the customers who choose to fly J-AIR and to the many colleagues who do their best for them. .

    J-AIR J-Air Co., Ltd. / Cabin attendant

    Tomoyo Takai San

    Graduated in 2013 / Kanaya High School (Shizuoka Prefecture)

  • Surrounded by enthusiastic teachers and friends,
    I was able to grow a lot.

    After touring this school's open campus, I decided to enroll knowing that I could make my dreams come true here. I was inspired by the teachers who always treated me with enthusiasm, my seniors, and classmates who were full of passion, and I was able to grow a lot. Currently, I am working as a cabin attendant on domestic and international flights. Even on short flights, we value conversations with our customers, such as saying, ``You can see Mt. Fuji right now,'' or talking with small children about various things.

    ANA All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. / Cabin attendant

    Izumi Hamano San

    Graduated in 2018 / Osaka YMCA International College, International High Course (Osaka Prefecture)

  • Thanks to your strict yet warm guidance,
    My dream came true.

    I have dreamed of being a cabin attendant since I was a child. When I enrolled in this school, I felt like I was getting closer to my dream by taking classes using facilities that looked just like the real thing. During the interview preparation, the teachers worked with each student individually and brought out strengths that I had not noticed in myself. Thanks to his strict but warm guidance, I was able to achieve my dream. Currently, I am working hard towards my next dream of becoming a Chief Flight Attendant.

    SKY Skymark Co., Ltd. / Cabin attendant

    Nana Takami San

    Graduated in 2020 / Shukugawa High School (Hyogo Prefecture)

  • Learning that can be applied in the field
    There were many.

    I mainly serve customers at the counter and handle boarding duties. While I was in school, I was thoroughly taught etiquette such as greetings and bowing, which has enabled me to always smile and provide friendly service to customers. Also, the announcement class was extremely helpful, and I received compliments after joining the company. We would like to continue to provide considerate service, encouraged by the words of "thank you" from not only our customers but also our co-workers.

    ANA ANA Kansai Airport Co., Ltd. / Grand Staff

    Mizuki Yamamoto San

    Graduating in 2021 / Uwajima Higashi High School (Ehime Prefecture)

  • Thanks to the support of my teacher,
    I was able to make my dream come true.

    The English and sign language that I learned in class are very useful in order to serve a variety of customers. Also, during job hunting, I had the opportunity to speak in front of everyone, which gave me the ability to speak out and be proactive, and even in my current job, I have to keep calm while thinking about both safety and punctuality. We are able to proactively approach our customers. They also gave me solid support such as correcting my entry sheet and practicing for interviews, so thanks to their support, I was able to become a ground staff member, which is my dream.

    JAL JAL Sky Osaka Co., Ltd. / Grand Staff

    Megumi Miyata San

    Graduated in 2020 / Shinko Tachibana High School (Hyogo Prefecture)